When Marco left me, he told me that I had been his favourite. He told me that he hadn't ever thought he would be in love like he had been in love with me and then he told me that he wasn't in love with me anymore, I didn't understand what the fuck that meant and I still don't. So, then he told me that we shouldn't see each other anymore and then he was gone. Here I am at an amusement park that my friends practically dragged me to go with them and have some fun to forget about my heartache. As soon as we paid our way in and walked through the gates, who do I see but the source of my own misery, as cliché as it may be, but the devil himself, Marco.

And who the fuck is that chick clinging on his fat ugly muscular stupid arm?

'Fucking hell to the no! It ain't going down like that, boy.' I thought as my jealously and rage nearly forcing my feet pouncing forward towards Marco and his new flavour of the week, a well-falsely-endowed long haired brunette with obvious pin-on extensions. As I took the first couple steps, my arm was grabbed by one of my best friends forever, Minny. I practically growled in my throat as I gave my stopper a glare.

"We are here to forget about that douche-ass loser, remember, let's just go ride a rollercoaster," Minny said as she pulled me along to the opposite direction of the park.

"I wanna beat that fake gunty Barbie bitch," I grumbled lowly to my group of friends, staring back at the two people who, in my rage, can only see in this moment, "why is he with a bitch like that, when he could be with a bitch like me?"

My friends chuckled at my words while they also gave the girl with Marco judging glares.