a/n: this was on my profile for a while there, and then i removed it. well, the lovely Cate Stangori has requested to see it again, and therefore i have decided to publish it in a legitimate story-type format.

enjoy :)

i am made up of ink and words and poetry.
of guitars and subtle harmony,
of anger and grief and confusion and fear and
tye-dye shirts and aviators and
sisters and cousins and lyrics.

i am made up of time and memory and photographs on my wall,
of my demons and my angels.
the obstacles i've overcome and
the monsters still hiding in my closet.

i am made up of damsels in distress and heroines,
of dragons and fairy godmothers and
believing in magic when the rest of the world
insists on calling it myth.

i am made up blood and flesh and bone,
of eating disorders and scar tissue and abuse.
of pain and indecision, but also
of joy and laughter and butterflies and purple nail polish,
of kisses and smiling at strangers and twisted-off apple stems.

but most importantly:
i am made up of you, and you are made up of me,
and we are all made up of each other.