I'm breathing again

It's not like

One day it just happened

It took time

And it took effort

And a little family therapy

But it happened

Like the sun once again

Shown itself to me

The truth

I'm not okay

But that's fine

Because I don't have to be

At least not yet

But I'm getting there

After some time

I found that when I smiled

I could really smile

When I laughed

It wasn't hollow

Well most of the time

It was because I finally knew

That you cared

You kept on going for me

I thought so badly of you

But you really did try

And I'm so thankful for that

Thank you for being you

For spending your remaining time with me

I will never forget

How much I loved you

Or how much you loved me

Every story has an end

Not all endings are happy

But life isn't a story

Life keeps on going

Even after you're gone

And because there is no ending

There are no happy endings

But there are also no sad endings

It is just a continuation

A story that has its ups and downs

This may seem like an end

But it's not

Nor is it a beginning

It is just me

Continuing with the sun

As it rises and sets

With no end for me or you

In sight

The End