14th October

If I could murder only one person with the certainty of getting away with it, I don't know if I'd pick my father or my boyfriend. I'd like to think I'm not a violent person. It would be good, and not so wrong, to think that it's just Eli, who is probably the worst father ever, and Dorian, the most infuriating boyfriend ever, who make me think and act like this due to how irritating, demanding and dangerous they are. I'm almost positive anyone would be thinking the same way as me if they were in my position, anyway.

Today couldn't have been more… different. It started off with a pathetic article on my father in the newspaper. They'd made him appear as if he should have awards for being the best father, businessman and in general for being perfect. The way they glorified him and his achievements… Well, I know they wouldn't even recognise the real him. They don't have a clue about the cruel man who loves bullying people and getting his own way, doing anything to attain whatever he had set his heart on. He was nothing but a schoolyard bully though, just trying to get himself far and show he was much stronger. He's one of the most manipulative, determined and crazy men I've ever met.

I had tried not to pay too much attention to the article during the day. I didn't have any reason to even read it, but as always it left an impression like a stamp on the back of my mind and it continued to niggle at me. It shouldn't, I told myself not to care, but it annoyed me. As always he was getting away with it, as if he hadn't had enough by constantly causing trouble in my life.

Luckily I didn't see much of Dorian or Rose today since I only had a few classes with my 'boyfriend' and the latter, his jealous and supposed bff, is a year below us. I hate the pair of them, he's so cocky and she… well I'm certain she loves him and thinks I stole him from me. She can have him for all I care.

The only reason I'm dating him is because of our fathers. It's ridiculousand makes me wonder how parents, fathers specifically, could have such an influence over their children's life. The only answer I can come up with is it only happened when your fathers are big people in the business world, which unfortunately is the case for me and Dorian. He doesn't like me or our relationship either, it is so blatantly obvious. However, even if nobody admitted it, just so the business could stay within the two families, we were more or less forced to date. Dorian enjoys taunting me with our supposed relationship since he knows I hate it so that doesn't help with our situation. I'm sure if he was to say no, like I did- okay, shouted-, then we wouldn't be forced together. Does he love winding me up more than having his freedom?

The major event happened much later, after classes had finished for the day and as soon as I was alone- or, when I thought I was alone- in my room. Remember Tyler, that boy I sometimes write about? The one I've known all my life, except we'd stopped keeping in touch when I'd started at this school?

He's right here. Right beside me. He's sleeping with his arm around me! Nothing physical happened, don't think like that. Though, I know I like… no, love, him that way. How couldn't I? I don't know or care what he thinks about that right now, it's just amazing to have him, my Tyler, back. I'm not sure I can fully believe that he's here with me.

Anyway, I'm best going back to sleep. I have Tyler to curl up to. I won't be surprised if tomorrow is just as strange as today has been, too.

Once Devon finished her diary entry and put the pink book away she closed her murky grey eyes that she was certain had seen everything that was ever possible and finally fell asleep, nestled into the boy's warm arms, head resting on his chest. Just how she remembered doing many times in the past when she needed that close comfort only he provided. For once, there was a content and real smile on her face, a smile that was so rare these days. Finally, something seemed to be going right. Something good was happening. The fact it was happening to her, Devon O'Hare, felt surreal as she considered it.

Things seemed to be looking up for the girl, right? But trouble seemed to have a way of finding Devon, and it wasn't about to change now…