Waiting for Karma

I'm waiting for the day you understand
And just can't wait for it to make it 'round
Knocking you from your pedestal grand
And throwing you right to the ground…

You're gonna be slammed into the dust
The taste of bitterness shoved down your throat
Revenge for your shattering of my trust
And of the pain's depth I hope you take note

I'm not letting you take hold once more
Tossing me down and stabbing me in the back
Forget you and your pleas of possibilities to explore
I'm not following you down the same old track

That caused me to lose all sense of myself
That caused me to nearly lose it all
Just because you told me "Do this or else"
It's time for karma to come and maul

Your heart the way you attacked mine
It's time for you to understand what I've felt
Because I've learned to rise and shine
And now I see all my bruises and welts

That you've caused over all the years
And I refuse to take any more pain from you
So go ahead and drown in your tears
Because, damnit, with this I am finally through.

Can't wait for the arrival of the beast you created
Can't wait to see it take revenge for me
The child of my anger and misery mated
And know that it's finally time for you to see

The demon that you unleashed on my soul
Turning on you and planning your destruction
I'm taking solace in that my heart's many holes
Are soon going to be undergoing reconstruction

And then I'll be the one who's flaunting her joy
While you're the one who deals in his pain
This is what you get when with me you toy
And I begin to get revenge on the brain…

Brace yourself—karma has its sights on you
And I refuse to be your shield any longer
And take comfort in knowing that when this is through
You'll be weak and I'll have grown stronger.