Of course this was going to happen. You knew it was going to happen.

After your father lost his job due to this awful economy, your family had to move. You moved into a small town where your dad found a decent job. Besides moving into a new home, a new school, and a new life, you had to have everything else. A new doctor and dentist as well.

A new dentist.

As your mother checks in for your appointment, you look around. Dark wood flooring and bare white walls were the main basics of the waiting room. Besides the five wooden chairs and matching coffee table with magazines, cracks decorated the walls and ceilings. You frown, thinking what a awful place. As you wait around, you begun to hear mumbles. Such thin walls, you think as you ignore the mumbles.

Soon, someone calls your name and you look up. An assistant appears in the doorway. You go to them and the first things you notice are their eyes. Dark, with little light, making as if they know what's inside of you. You shrugged off the uneasy feeling you have. As you follow them, you look around, ignoring them greeting you.

A lonely hallway catches your eye. It leads to a plain, black door. Suddenly you hear a scream coming from it. You jump, as it dies out. The assistant looks at you and calmly says, "Let's just hope you don't have cavities." As you followed them, you think about it.

Of course you believe them. The scream was merely of someone having to face the painful drill due to cavities. Of course it was. It's like they weren't screaming of anything else.

It wasn't like they were screaming because of torture.

Meh, just an idea that pop into my head when I went to the dentist. I was trying to make it kinda like the style writers use on creepypasta, with both the horror element about simple things and tone. I don't think it came out good. Anyways, I was thinking o submitting it to creeypasta but please tell me what you think first and how to improve.

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