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She was dancing in the studio like her mother did. Spinning twirling giving out roses until she died with her husband. Tania slipped and fell. Sweat dripped down the side of her face and she wheezed.

"Water?" He cousin asked and walked over to her. Tania sat down and took the bottle.

"Yes. Please." She took a long drink and took off her ballet shoes.

"Why are you doing this?"

"What? Dancing?"
"Yes! You have a future here! You can stay here we don't want you hurt!" She looked at her cousin and shook her head.

"No. I have to go. It's where my mother met my father"

"Your father was a stupid Italian! Your mother was a strong Spanish woman who settled for less that what she could have!" Tania's blood boiled.

"Get out."She snarled.


"GET OUT!" Tania screamed. Her cousin got up and ran. She ran a hand through her black hair and looked in the wall mirror of the dance studio.

"My father was not some stupid Italian." Tears streamed down her face, "I should have gone to Italy to live there... they accept me..." She remembered that painful day. She was five and in her little dress her mother had made for her. She knew the basics of dance and she would get to use them soon. As she gave an old man a flower and started to dance she heard a horrible thing. Her mother had stopped singing and was screaming. Her father was dead and her mother had no hope of living.

"No!" Tania screamed and cried but it was to late they where gone. She ran out to the street and lay between the bodies. She held her mother and father's hand and waited for her fate as well. It never came. Tania took her mothers fan and castenttes and wept. Her eyes snappped open. Tania dried her face as her grandmother walked in.

"Abula como-"

"I fine with my english" An old woman with stern eyes tan wrinkled skin and a cane slowly came in. Tania pulled up a chair for her.

"Grandmother... Did you ... Did you hate my father too?" Tania said as she sat down in front of the old frail woman.

"No... He had a good heart and he looked very cappable of handling your mother. I didnt come here to talk I came her to tell you that your cousins are tearing up you room" Tania was up and gone in a flash. Her grandmother told truth her cousin where ripping her room apart.

"What are you doing?" She yelled. The teenager stopped and one of them unearthed her plane ticket.

"Arturo if you do anything to that ticket I will make sure no one can find your body!" She lundged and he dropped the package out the window.

"NO!" She reached but it was too late they where fluttering down to the cobbed streets below. She quickly ran down the stairs being sure to make as much noise as possible to wake up the house and grab her ticket. She jumped and grabbed it and gave a woop as she landed on her feet.

'Hola Tania!"

"Hola!" Tania said as she ran back to her house. Her family glared at her angryily.

"What where you doing?"

"Your children where tearing up my room so i woke you up" She glared right back and stomped up the steps. Her cousins where gone but her room was in shambles. She could hear them getting yelled at as she cleaned her room. There was a small mew and Tania looked under her bed.

"Hey Chica were where you! Grandma was worried a eagle got you!" Tania held the small kitten in her arms. The cat loved Tania and was going with her to America. Chica purred and rubbed her head on Tania's chest.

"Breakfast!" Some one called from the kitchen. Tania walked down stairs and looked for her seat. Everyone had started eating other than her grandmother.

"Hey look it the dancer." Some one muttered and Tania flicked her younger cousin on the head.

"Hey christmas is coming soon be good or santa won't get you anything"

"Psh Who believes in santa any more?"

"Santa's not real!" Alicia cried out.

"No he's real they're just are jealous that you get the best presents and they get coal" Tania said and kissed Alicia.

"Okay" She went back to her breakfast. Tania's chest sunk as she walked to the place her chair would be and there was and empty space. Her eye twitched.

"Is this mean your kicking me out of the family?" She muttered and put Chica down. no one answered her. She walked outside after grabbing her money and coat. She roamed the streets in search of her favorite cafe. She smiled once she saw the old house and people walking out with coffee and bags. They new her to well because they had her order ready. A sticky sweet cinnamon roll and a strawberry banana smoothie. She grabbed the smoothie and paid for her things. She walked out and went to the park. She lived in Tortosa and the park was the beach. She sat on her white sand and started to eat her breakfast. She felt the sticky cinnamom roll melt in her mouth. It was her last breakfast on the beach. She would miss her home in the old streets and her grandmother and Alicia the most. She took a drink of her smoothie and smiled.

"My adventure starts tomorrow after I set foot on tha plane" She said and finished her breakfast. She enjoyed her walk home and finished packing her things. She walked up the stairs to her studio and put on her red high heels. She started to dance her dance. She would bring her mother back to life with her feet and voice. She started singing her sad mournful song. The song told of love that could never be and a child hurt from her family's pain. Her black hair glimmered in the sun light and her tan skin gleamed with sweat. She felt so conected to her mother when she sang and danced. She felt tears brim her eyes as she started to spin and snap her hands af if she were snapping castenetts. She heard clapping when she bowed to her invisible partner. She looked up.

"Alicia! You know your not alowed to come up here!" Tania said and picked up the five year old.

"I don't want you to go" She said and hugged Tania around the neck.

"Alicia I have to go"

"Can I go to?"

"No baby you can't"

"Why not!"

"Your Mother and Father would miss you terribly"

"I'd miss you more!"

"I'm sorry but I'll come back and then we can have all the fun we want"

"Okay" Tania smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Come help me finish packing okay?"

"Otay!" The little girl said and held Tania's hand. She smiled and they set to word. Packing things and wrapping some of the furniture with bubble wrap up.

"Where are you going to live?"

"In an apartment complex with other people around" Tania said. She called a few weeks early to get a room and address.

"Wow... So like home?"

"Yes but I won't know these people"


"Yeah..." She ruffled the little girl's blonde hair and laughed. She lay on the bed that was marked to stay.

"Can I get your room?" Her cousin Arturo asked as he walked by.

"No Alicia is getting my room"

"That's not fair!"

"No it's perfectly fair you knew this was coming and Alicia deserves it. You didn't even try to say sorry because you threw my ticket out!" Arturo stormed off to sulk and Tania closed her eyes. She went over her dance and dress design millions of times. She packed everything and was ready to go to America. She sighed as Alicia cuddled into her side and snored softly. She pulled out her cell phone and read an unopen message.

"We're over"

"Fine by me. Going to America and I saw you making out with Brinna at a party puto" She sent back and deleted his number from her phone. She let sleep take over her senses and relaxed. When she woke up it was dark and time for her to go. She grunted and put on her clothes. Sher grandmother saw that she was ready and loading her car up. She put Chica in the house and promised they'd be togethor after a few weeks.

"Are you sure?"

"Postive.. I'll write to you when I'm settled in" She got in the car and buckled her seat beat. Her Grandmother Got in the side and Tania drove away from the old house. She and her grand mother walked to the gate's. She hudded Tania.

"I Love you grandma" She said kissed both her cheeks and hugged her back. She walked through securty and on the plane. She sat back and watched her grandmother become smaller and smaller and disapear. She looked around and laid into the seat. She plugged in the head phones and listened to the moive playing. She went over her enrolment papers and check the town she was going to.

Cayucos, California

She looked at the pictures.

"Small town but a big party town.. Well Mom if you met dad there maybe I'll find my prince charming there to" She muttered and flipped through the pictures again. Her stomach buzzed with excitement.

"My adventure begins" She said and looked out the window.

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