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Luna: get the hell on with it! *eatting a cupcake*

Me:Bite me!

Boa: I can do that"

Me:... no

Boa:why did it take so long for you to answer?

Me: go away! you where made for luna not me!

Luna: i am an extetion of you *takes a drink of coke*

Me on with this!

Tania gasped and coughed as her uncle lifted her head out of the water.

"You brat!" He dunked her under again.

"I'm sorry!" She sobbed and coughed.

"You hit your cousin!" He said and dunked her under again then he let go. Tania fell to the ground and sobbed. Soft arms wrapped around her and smoothed her hair.

"I saw the whole thing" Her cousin was beating on her. He was considerably large and he made it a point to show that especially to Tania. She suffered his beatings and didn't say a word until she had enough and punched him back in the stomach hard enough to send him reeling backward into a wheel barrow and send him crying to his father. Her grandmother had been watching from the window but couldn't catch up to her son before he started to punish Tania. Now Tania lay sleep at her side with a tear streaked face and sore muscles. Tania was picked up by her boy's the next day. They carried her to the yacht and set off to Italy. Her other grandmother hugged her and took her shopping. The woman was a red head and a pure blood italian with loads of money. She was the richest person in the entire country. Tania was in the lap of luxury for a month. People did what she asked and adored her because she was so cute and frail and her cousins didnt hate her because she was half spanish. They didn't go anywhere without her and she always had her boy's following her and keeping her safe. She was walking next to the canal and a man lured her to his stall of jewlery and sweets. She peeked up and saw a necklace that was a silver chain with the Lady of Guadelupe on it.

"Dis one please!" she asked and the boy's paid for it and she had it wrapped. They bought her a little bag so she could carry her things and of course it was made out of the finest materials and had her name sewn on it. When she arrived back she quickly gave her grandmother the necklace. Her family seethed and snubbed her. At dinner they ate without her. During the day they tried to leave her places and they took away her bag with her name sewn on it. She promptly kicked her cousin and only once took back her bag.

"I am not your punching bag!" She said as tears poured out of her eyes. She ran to her grandmother and slept with her again. While Tania was at school her grandmother spoke sternly to her children.

"Be good to Tania! The poor girl wittnessed her parents death!" That didn't stop them... nothing did. Tania grew into a beautiful young lady with a beautiful heart and a beautiful body to go with it. she moved as soon as she could and now sat in her bathroom. It was an early sunday morning. She Put on her heels and took her dress bag and quickly ran out to town hall. She clutched the key and entered. she started to mess with wires and unplug this then plug them back in. She finished and admired her work. She kicked it and music poured throughout the town. Quickly Tania got dressed and put on her mask and heels. She had her mothers fan and caskenettes. With one final breath she quickly emerged from the basement and on the streets. People that had been awaken from the noise looked from there windows. Tania danced.

There was nothing but the sound of the music and her feet hitting the pavement. She danced with an invisible partner until people rushed out of there houses to see if it was really her. She grinned as children started to dance around her and with took the rose from her wreath and danced up to her last rose. The old man stared at her with disbelief.

"My last rose" She said and kissed his hand. His eyes where wide as he took the flower and James's jaw dropped. Tania smiled brightly at him.

"Would you be my first partner?" She purred and held out her hand.

"I'm afraid I can't dance but my grandson ,James, can," James took it and spun her around. The music flowed through each of them and they stayed in perfect rhythm. She tucked a rose into his shirt pocket and danced with others giving each a rose. Tears streamed down her face and she smiled so brightly that she could outshine the sun. One boy said something vulgar and made a gesture. She twirled and slaped him with her fan. He reeled backwards and she grinned and danced away laughing. One man spun her back into James's arms.

"We meet again." He murmered.

"Indeed we do" she cooed. He kissed her hand.

"May i have the honor to dance with you?"

"You may" She said and her breath caught in her throat. He moved slowly and they settled into the beat and danced faster and faster. Spinning and spinning never wanting to stop.

"Ma'am! Ma'am! whats your name?" someone called out. She smiled softly.

"Mariposa"She said and was spun away again. The day melted away as people danced.

"where have you been all these years?" James whispered in her ear.

"Spain and italy.. To train" she murmered. the other dancer's dwindled and left as it got darker and darker. The record had stopped but Tania and james still danced. The church bells rang at nine oclock. Tania almost panicked.

"I have to leave" she said pulling away.

"Why? Wait please!" he pleaded with his big blue eyes. She couldn't resist his gaze.

"I have to leave" she breathed.

"I though this would be different" he said.


"I'd always thought I'd try and make a move but now my mind is blank"


"I liked you but since this girl came and I'm not sure anymore" he said and ran a hand through his hair.

"A girl?"

"Yeah. She's cute. comes from Spain. She's really nice, kind of quiet" He said gazing off into the star lit sky.

"I am very sorry. I must go" she said and started to walk away.

"Thank you. for dancing with me" he said and waved. She watched as he left. she ran to court house and grabbed her things. She cried as she ran home. when she got home she slammed the door shut and leaned against it. she sobbed. she laughed at herself as she put the things away and started prepare for bed. She lay in her bed and then squealled giddily. She shut her eyes after saying a silent prayer and burrowed under the covers. She opened her eyes only to be greeted by her calander and clock. She grinned. Sunday! She washed her face and brushed her teeth. She put on her tennis shoes and running clothes. She jogged down the stairs and into town. She grinned as people lazily walked the streets. As she jogged pass the little convenicence store James worked up. He looked up and waved.

"Hey Tania!"

"Morning James! you look tired"

"I had to wash windows early" he yawned. she waved and turned only to trip and scrape her knee.

"Dannazione!" She said and held her knee.

"Hey! You okay?" James dropped his broom and rushed to her side.

"Yeah I think so. She grimmanced. He picked her up.

"Ah! What are you doing?" She excalmed.

"I am not letting you run around with an open wound" he said pushed open the shop door and set her on the counter.

"I'm fine" she said as James dug around for the first aid kit. He openned it and pulled out a spray.

"this might sting a bit" He said as he shook the can.

"What is th- Accidenti che brucia!" She almost kicked him when he sprayed her leg. She bit her lip.

"What's that mean?"

"You do not want to know" he put a patch of some sort of cloth like material and wrapped her knee in blue gauze.

"Thanks" She said and blushed slightly.

"No problem," He smiled up at her. She attemted to hop down from the counter and continue her jog but James slung her over his shoulder.

"Ah!" She cried out.

"Where do you live?"


"I'm going to take you home"

"I can walk!" He didn't let go. She huffed and crossed her arms.

"Mary's apartments, second floor, room twenty seven" She sighed.

"Thank you"

"I'm making you breakfast then" she said.

"No. thats fine" she though for a moment.

"I'll cry"

"Oh thats a great thank you"



"Yay! I bought too much pancake mix and i need some one to share it with" she chirped. They came to her house and she openned the door. Unpacked boxes still sat around the house and a small herb garden she had planted the night she came greeted her.

"i haven't had much time to unpack" She laughed nevously. He shook his head.

"Wow.. this is alot of boxes"

"I moved out of my grandmother's house... Half are the things my other grandmother sent me" She said and he put her down. She walked to the kitchen and James watched.

"Do you need any help unpacking?" She got the things ready for breakfast.

"No. I'm fine" She said and mixed the batter. She put a few drops of vanilla in it and a dash of cocoa powder.

"I love the smell of cocoa in the morning" She started humming as she cooked. James looked around and made up his mind.

"Well i have nothing to do today. I'll help you unpack" he said and started unstaking boxes from there intimidating places that looked like with one good gust of wind would blow over.

"No! Please you don't have to!" She said looking at him. His crystal irises shined at her.

"I insist" he said. She sighed defeated.

"Well. I'm making you lunch and dinner if you stay all day" She sighed. He grinned.

"Where should i get started?" he asked.

"Here. in the kitchen" She said ask she set out two plates and a pile of heaping pancakes. She put butter and syrup on the table and poured two glasses of orange juice as he sat down.

"Thank you" he said as put a few pancakes on his plate. She sat down and put a few on her plate as well. It was silent but a comfortable silence. James watched as the tiny girl infront of him delicatly ate and sipped her juice. he stopped eatting to watch her. He grinned and she looked up and blushed.

"You're such a lady" he laughed and her face turned a deep shade of crimson.

"Is that a bad thing?" she said hidding her face with he hand. He laughed.

"Your really cute you know that" She could have fainted. He smirked at her as they finished and she started cleaning. She handed him a knife. It looked old. The blade was silver and extremely sharp and it looked more like a small sword. the hilt was smooth and encrusted with pearls and metal flowers.


"It was my grandfathers." she said remembering the old italian man.

"He had very good tastes"

"The matching sword is in one of these boxes.. He taught me how to use them." she smirked slightly as she remembered picking up the sword for the first time. it fit her like a glove.

"What did he do for a living?" He asked and cut open a box.

"He was in...," She searched for the right words," Politics. He was also a business man" She said and started to help him unpack.

"Sounds cool," He said and pulled a wrapped object and slowly unwrapped it. It was a glass that shone brightly in the sun. She sliced open a long box and grinned as she slowly unsheathed the long sword. She rolled it in her hands and got an idea.

"HYAAAAAAAA!" She ludged for James and he turned.

"Ahh!" He shut his eyes and waited for her to slash his head open. Tania burst our laughing and sheathed the sword still giggling.

"What the heck? You almost gave me a heart attack!" He said holding his hand over his heart.

"I thought your would like to see my sword in action" He rasied an eye brown.

"How so?"

"I'm going to need a melon and something to make it stand" she grinned. The walked to town and went to a fruit stand. She filled her basket full of fruit and pulled out her wallet while balancing the basket on her head and holding the waltermelon in her arm. James took the watermelon from her.

"I've got it"

"This thing weights like fifteen pounds alone! You have at least thrity pounds on your head!" he pointed out.

"I've balanced a bowling ball on my head" She said and thought bitterly 'Adrian would have smashed my head open if i hadn't' but she snapped out of her thoughts when she recieved her change. she smiled as the basket shaded the sun from her face and she balanced the basket perfectly. When they reached the apartment and Tania grinned.

"Want to hold the melon?"

"Noo thank you" he said and set the melon on the table. She cut off the end and walked out side and set it on its flat side on the table. She shut her eyes and unsheathed her sword. She let out a shout and let her emotions meld into the sword. She attacked it and within a mater of minutes the water melon was cut perfectly.

"Wow... Remind me to never make you mad," She smirked and put the water melon on a plate. They went back to unpacking the boxes.

"Hey who are these people? Aw that poor little girl" She froze.

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