Alex's Perspective

It's probably a little weird to have me here, talking to you, eh? But that's the deal. Collin and Matt… I swear. They're morons, the both of them. But that's not the point.

You probably know by now that my degree is in psychology. Meaning I'm concerned with how people's minds work. Well, I can't understand how creatures as complex as human beings can be so prejudiced. So I took Collin and Matt as an example, one to share with the world, so that maybe the world could be a little more accepting. Okay so that's not really psychology. But my musings on human emotions and reasoning skills and other stuff that only the human mind is capable of led me to this idea.

I had them put this together, write down what they were thinking through their whole little… whatever it was. From the beginning. From the hating each other, to the kissing, to the sex, to the heartbreak, to the real relationship, to Collin's coming out, to their breaking up, to their getting back together, to Collin's proposal, to adopting Alexandra. It's really embarrassing that they'd name her after me. Like, ugh. They would have gotten together in the end with or without my help. I—never mind, I'm getting distracted. But it's been rough on both of them and when I asked them to write it down, they looked at me like I was mad. I told them it was because they needed to remember why they're important to each other. Which they do. Maybe this will help them remember.

And yes, they do know I'm showing it to you. It's not something they just wrote down for me and themselves, and then I'm laying it out for the whole world to see. No. They knew when they wrote it down. Of course, I was the one who edited in who told which parts, but that was my personal opinion of who wrote it more effectively at the time, or who included the more important details. But they wrote it, and they know that many, many people might see it.

I was surprised, when I read their accounts of what happened. I mean, I knew they were both stupid, but I hadn't realized they were both that stupid. And how annoying I'm portrayed… that irritates me. Whatever. I suppose I probably deserve it. All I know is that they went into a surprising amount of detail about their… bedroom activities. Details I could have lived without. Details I'm sure most of you could have lived without. But that's beside the point. As is the fact that Matt never did return Collin's copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I also feel like it came off as some weird angsty stuff for overly emotional teenage girls. But that's sort of what Collin and Matt were acting like. But don't let Liz and Rachel catch me saying that cause they would kill me for it. Ah well.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is this: Collin loves Matt, and Matt loves Collin. That's it. There's nothing more to it than that. They're just two people in love. They love each other like Liz and Jonathan love each other, like Rachel and I love each other. It doesn't matter that they're both guys. Personally, I don't understand the attraction, but that's just me. But I can see the way they feel.

And that is all that's really important, right?

Just nod and agree, even if you don't. It'll make me feel better. Or I suppose you could start shouting at me and telling me I'm going to hell but I don't really give a fuck. You got a problem with Collin and Matt being together? Then it's just that: your problem. Don't try and make it theirs. They've dealt with enough crap in their relationship, as you've probably gathered by now.

They have taken the time to write down the story of their love, not disguising it and making it look pretty but leaving it ugly and scarred and messy, so that you might be able to understand a little bit better that they're just people. People who love each other with all their hearts.

And that is, as Collin likes to call this project of mine, the Matt story.

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