9 Years Later

Millisandra was not happy.

She was the pretty one. She was the one with all the friends. But no. The weirdo Ayan had to ruin it all.

It all started when Ayan Irins walked into the third grade class room exactly 2 years ago. She was pretty, made people laugh, and everyone liked her, even the principal who had been working at the school so long, the kids called him "The Old Guy".

The main thing that made Millisandra angry was Ayan was so smart.

She could win any argument; make you think anything, just by spitting out some logic. How could one girl, that smart, still be in the same grade as other kids her age? As if 5th grade wasn't already hard enough without someone stealing your spotlight.

As Ayan walked into the 5th grade class, Milli stared her down, but Ayan took it calmly, grinning evilly at her. Milli turned away and shuddered. Who was she?