T-Rex Escapee

Jace ran and ran, trying to get away. The T-Rex was gaining on him, but luckily he had gotten a huge head start, which was mainly due to the fact that a bunch of pterodactyls had flew out of the trees, and a heard of other dinosaurs had ran out of the forest. He had been inspecting a large bug when this all happened, and had taken the hint, and started running.

The problem with running away from the T-Rex was that there was a possibility that he might run into some other giant lizard, wanting him for lunch. He ran around the side of a cliff. Time to leave.

He took deep breaths and calmed down, and thought about his home. Suddenly he was on a hard floor, air-conditioning blowing on him. He was in his kitchen in his house, in the 21st century.

Welcome to Jace Kike's life.