Chapter IV

"And although there's pain in my chest,

I still wish you the best

and, uh, F*** You."

F*** You (Forget You)

Cee Lo Green

I am proud to say that I was happy to get away from that idiot on Thursday night, and after that, I devoted myself to my music and started to play a more aggressively than usual. The lyrics that were running through my head were along the lines of "I hate you" and "You better watch your back". After a few hours of pounding, I got up from my piano bench in exhaustion and collapsed onto the couch.

I woke up feeling groggy, my eyelids pushing heavily against my eyes. A sick feeling was wriggling around in my stomach that was pressed flat against the couch cushions.

"What the hell did I eat last night?" I asked out loud, flopping onto my back- or I tried to, before flipping off the couch and onto the hardware floor. I groaned as the hard floor cracked my back, and my eyes fluttered open in shock.

I moaned.

"Nice fall," I heard a voice in the kitchen speak, and I looked up from my spot to see Allison turning on the radio and pouring pancake batter onto a skillet. Her sandy-blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt (the sleeves pushed up and out of the way) and her favorite pair of jeans around her waist. A pink cooking apron was wrapped around her front, and she smiled at me and waved her spatula.

"You're back?" I mumbled from the floor, "When did you get back?"

"I got back at around three this morning," she smiled, before dancing to "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. I didn't have to guess to know it was Summers Radio Station, and when I opened my mouth, Allison gave a stern look and pointed a threatening spatula in my direction before flipping another pancake.

"I wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you," I mumbled, using the couch to push myself off of the ground. It was completely true: Allison could have sent the message in any other way, and she knew that Summers Radio was the worst source of communication. I stretched out my back and yawned as Allison smacked a pancake onto a plate.

"I know! I feel so proud!" she announced brightly and spun in a circle, shaking her hips to the music.

I gave her a small glare- it was all that I could muster out of me so early in the morning.

"Proud? We practically bit our heads off! And here I was, two days ago, thinking I wouldn't have to see that twit's face again!" I growled at her.

She made a face- a perfect balance between a pout and a grin, "Now, darling, no need to shout."

I was too stressed to answer. I made my way towards the piano and tapped the keys subconsciously, not paying attention to what I was doing. . My roommate's head tilted towards me as the sounds got louder and louder.

"What's that song? I've never heard of it before," Allison asked from the kitchen. She turned the radio down to listen to the piano keys tinkle into a melody.

"I'm not sure," I told her truthfully. I replayed the strange tune, unconsciously adding a new harmony to it, "It's been stuck in my head for a while. I guess it came to me last night after that whole Chris thing. I was furious, so I guess this is a hate song."

Allison raised a poised eyebrow. "Furious? Hate? I never knew you were a girl with so much fury. What happened?"

"Well after he called me Four-Eye, deranged, physically challenged and ugly, I kicked him in his area and left."

With this, Allison gave a small giggle and smirked at me from the side.

"Well, don't you have guts, missy," she smiled.

With this memory, more spawned from the so many that I had pushed to the back of my head. The time that Chris dropped a scorpion down my shirt, or the time he shoved me into poison ivy and I had to stay out of school for a week. A snarl curled onto my lip and I started to sing the words that came from those memories and wrapped around the keys like a caress.

"Another war is starting in here.


There is a storm brewing in the skies!


And on the ground you can hear the moans and cries.

Of your loved ones ready to join the fight.

I'm not surprised that you think this is right.


Really now, this isn't just a game!

And just like last time, it's all the same.

Right now, I just want to tear you apart.

After you point and aim and shoot right at my heart."

"Those are deep lyrics, my friend," Allison pointed out thoroughly impressed. She turned the stove off with a flick and was suddenly sliding next to me on the bench with a plate in each hand.

"Why, thank you," I replied, taking a plate of delicious pancakes from her hands and placing it on my lap, "Were they good, at least? The lyrics? 'Cause I can hear a song coming on."

"Oh, keep it up. I'm excited to see how this turns out. Do you want me to get your guitar from your room?" she kicked her feet in the air under the piano excitedly, and I nodded before taking a big bite from my pancakes.

After breakfast was finished, Allison took both of the plates to the kitchen and started to wash the dishes while I searched the keys of the piano for some type of verse. More lines started to emit from the chords I was playing, and before I knew, it was hours later. I had already moved on to perfecting the song on the guitar, pressing my coarse fingers up and down the frets, when Allison had interrupted.

"Shush!" Allison yelled at the top of her lungs. I stopped strumming abruptly only to find her turning up the radio. I scowled and reluctantly I placed my guitar back on the stand. I needed a break anyway, even if it was for Allison to listen to the person I hated with all my soul.

"It's a beautiful day in NYC, with a cloudless sky and a cool breeze. The four o'clock hour is upon us and it is time for some shouts and questions. The most popular question, asked five hundred times today, was, 'Did Cambria show up last night?' Glad you all asked, because you know what, she kind of did. She had told me that she just happened to walk by, and I recognized her almost immediately. And let me tell you, guys, she is not what I expected! She's a brunette with a storm raging in her eyes. Better watch out, 'cause I heard she's single!" Allison giggled sarcastically, and I glared at her from across the room.

"Next one, from Holly in good old NYC 'Did you and Bree have any sort of relationship in the past, and do you plan on having one now?' Hold on there, babe, I'm not that desperate. No, all the love we share is based on hate, hate, and you guessed it, hate. A shout from Cheyenne and Lily in Queens 'Girl power! You go, Bree, and make sure you don't let guys like Chris bring you down.' Aw, ladies now that was very thoughtful of you." I laughed at the shout from the two girls, and I could see Allison grin and raise a defined eyebrow at the same time, her hazel eyes twinkling.

"Shout from Sherry in Brooklyn, 'You better watch your back, Bree, and stay away from my man before I crash your face in.' Hey! I'm the only one who's allowed to threaten Bree, bitch!'"

"Ha!" Allison laughed before continuing to listen to the rest of the shouts. I, however, went red in the face and ignored the rest of the insults and/or congratulations to either me or Chris.

"Well, that's all for the shouts and questions, so let me put up a fine tune. To my special girl, Cambria, this one's for you. Wink, wink!"

"F**k You" by Cee Lo Green started to blare through the speakers.

I stared incredulously at the radio, contemplating on whether to smash it to tiny bits with a hammer or throw it out the window. Allison, seeing my glance, hurried to the devise and turned it to the off position.

"So, are you almost done with the song?" Allison artfully changed the subject as the radio sparked off, and I attempted a small smile and nodded.

"Yeah, and I'm starting to get really into it. I might just send this out to a record company," I replied.

Allison gave me a small round of applause and made her way over to sit next to me, "I agree full-heartedly with you. It's an emotional and intense song, and I think you could make a great deal with it."

It made me feel warm inside- the fact that Allison came up with such enthusiasm that I sometimes couldn't muster up myself. I continued, and steered the conversation in a completely different direction, to Allison's surprise.

"I intend to send it into the record company by next week. The thing is, I need a band to come in and play drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and maybe keyboards while I'm recording," I smiled at her and reached for my cell phone in my back pocket, "And I know just who to call."

The mood in the room change- all sane things were sucked out and replaced with the static feeling of embarrassment.

Allison turned red, blush flooding her cheeks, and stuttered, "You wouldn't."

"Oh, yes I would. You deserve a proper punishment for starting this mess in the first place."

We stared at each other for a good twenty-five seconds before she took the first desperate step towards me.

"Don't you dare call him, Cambria!" she squeaked angrily.

I quickly searched through the contacts of my phone and pressed send before she could wrench the phone on my hand, and she gave a small squeal in shock when she realized that, yes, I would dare.

I was calling Steven Mayor, my very good-looking cousin that Allison has been gushing over since freshman year of college. I laughed at her before Steve could answer his phone.

"Hello?" Steven asked, and Allison fumed at me as I greeted him.

"Hello, Stevie. How's it going?" I replied.

"It's been alright with me, but I'm more worried about you. I've been hearing about you getting in a ruckus with my very own Mr. Summers!"

My smile dropped from my face, just then. I totally forgot that him and Chris were the bestest of friends.

"Oh, yeah, well you know how much of a jerk he can be," I brushed the comment off and changed the subject, smacking my head for totally forgetting one of the most important facts about Christopher Summers, "Can you come down? I have a song, and I need a band to help me play it."

It was if I could hear him smirk through the telephone, and his grey eyes similar to mine were probably narrowing.

"You didn't even have to ask, Bree."

"Good," I glanced at Allison, who was holding her head in her hands in utter defeat, and gave her the OK on Steve's near arrival, "So I'll be expecting you early tomorrow?"

"Gladly." He laughed, and then added as a side note "Don't forget to tell Allie I say hi."