Day Fifteen
You looked nice in white today. Today would've been four months. but it's not. And I'm getting over you.

Life goes on, you know?

The last of the relationships from eighth grade fell aprt today when Raul broke up with Sis. She cried a lot, I was almost jealous of her tears. I could never get that emotional. But she'll be okay in time.

Life goes on.

Maddie's going to get asked to homecoming. She'll say no, because she likes Hunter. Last year's end of the year dance, she went with Eli and they were happy. But he irritated her, and she's so over him.

Life goes on.

Charlynne dreamt of Liam for the first time in awhile, and she's mad at herself, because she wants him completely out of her life. But then Skye came and kissed her until she felt better.

Life goes on.

Taylor may break up with her Alex. She's just not in to him like that. Like she wasn't really into Tony last year.

Life goes on

Justine's not single anymore, and Dante likes her more than Jeremy ever did.

Life goes on.

Brittney's talking to Trevor again, but only as a friend now, because she has a boyfriend who treats her right now.

Life goes on.


my eyes might not sparkle like they used to,


I think I'll get along fine without you.

Life went on for all of them.