Author's Note: Tomorrow is 9/11 and I wanted to write this in honor of the sad ten year anniversary.

10 Years From Now; Ten Years Ago:

It was the end of innocence,

The beginning of hatred,

The end of people's lives,

The beginning of thousands of tears that waited to be shed.

It was a morning like any other,

People woke up to alarm clocks ringing,

Rushing to get ready so they wouldn't be late to work,

They sat in bumper to bumper traffic,

Listened to the radio,

And complained about the game the other night.

Children went to school,

Sat in their classrooms,

But they didn't know that next year to that day,

They would be learning about what happened today,

They worked out equations and wrote reports,

With a sense of innocence that hung in the air.

Passengers boarded planes,

Counting down the hours until they'd get home,

Or to where they were going,

Anxious to land on the ground again,

And what they didn't know was,

That they never would.

They didn't expect that the foreign man who sat next to them,

Would be the end of them all,

They didn't expect go down,

Or for so many to die,

And a sense of innocence hung around them all.

But then it happened,

So fast it was almost a blur,

Two planes hit two towers,

And the collapsed shortly after,

One plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania,

And another straight into the Pentagon.

Anxious families waited for the news,

Children waited to know if their parents would ever come home,

Husbands and wives waited for the call from their spouse that never came,

Mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, sons, and sister that were never heard from again,

Families torn apart, and broken hearts.

It was the end of innocence,

And it will always be remembered.

Taught in schools on the day,

While flowers are placed on graves,

Tears are shed once again,

In remembrance of innocent victims,

Who deserved to live.

I wise man once told us after a game,

That "Ten years from now, this won't matter,

But ten years ago tomorrow, something happened that does matter."