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We fell into silence after I had answered him. There was just a question lingering above our heads, although I don't even know what that question is I can just feel it hanging there. What does he want to know?

I bit my lip in nervousness and then scratched my leg with the back of my heel before neatly folding my hands in front of me. I looked down at my shoes and swayed back and forth lightly, just waiting for him to say something.

"Are you really going to live in that thing?" He asked, breaking the silence. I glanced up at him in confusion the noticed him gesturing to the Tee Pee with his apple.

I narrowed my eyes at him once again and leaned and put my hand on my hip. Is he questioning my workmanship or if I can rough it for a few nights?

"No, I just felt like making a Tee Pee with all my spare time." I said sarcastically and he just gave another smirk. I folded my arms across my chest and sat down on a nearby rock.

"Why don't you just come to the R.A.S?" he questioned, yet again taking a bite out of his apple.

I raised an eyebrow at him in my confused state. R.A.S?

"What's that?" I asked turning my head slightly and sitting up straight. He gave a small smile then tossed his apple over his shoulder, wiped off his hands, and sat down against the tree.

"Run Away Society. This town has more runaway's then any other city in America. Nobody really knows why, but none of the towns people notice how many people have gone missing." he answered, shrugging then closing his eyes with a small smile on his face.

I remained sitting there in my state of confusion. There's a whole community of runaways from this city just thriving somewhere out of town? As far as I knew, nobody ever ran from the perfect town of Madison, West Virginia.

"A whole society or runaways? How is that even possible? Family and the police never stop looking for someone." I said, now standing and throwing my hands out to the sides.

"You are one strange girl Ellie Sailings. Why don't you just come along to the R.A.S? You'll probably just run the whole organization like you run the high school." He said with a grin and I narrowed my eyes for the third time at him. He's just like everyone else at school. Thinking that I'm just a 'sophomore skank' because of the clothes I wear and people I hangout with.

My hands balled into fists and I took a deep breath as I clenched and unclenched my hands. I kept my eyes narrowed on him but he just looked back at me with an amused expression.

"I do not run the high school. I am not a skank, and I have way more brains and common sense then every single one of those dimwits who call themselves my friends combined!" I said in a rising yell. Still though, he held that same grin on his face and I swear I wanted to walk over and smack it right off his face.

"So their right. Beauty and brains. You've got it all." He commented with one last grin before holding out his hand to me. I gave a sideways look then he rolled his eyes and shook his hand impatiently.

"So you think I'm pretty?" I asked, this time smirking myself. I stepped over and took his hand as he stood up. I watched his cheeks slightly turn pink and he looked away.

"Well I'm just stating the obvious. Everyone knows that your pretty, I mean just look at you." he said then pulled me towards him.

Making moves a bit fast if I say so myself. I pursed my lips slightly and took a deep breath. I smiled as what I assumed to be his scent, intoxicated my nose. The only distinct smell I could come up with was the smell of the beach. The smell of the sand infused with the salty water and the oncoming ocean breeze.

I could feel myself blushing as he took my hand in his and didn't move. I stood silent not wanting to ruin a possible moment…

"Don't flatter yourself too much. I just thought you would want me to keep you in balance as you put your shoes back on." He stated, with that hint of amusement in his voice.

I made an 'O' shape with my mouth and then shook my head. They? Who is they? And haul us up to where? This is just a tiny forest, nobody could live in the tree's. Plus, I thought this was supposed to be a regular runaway type of thing, you know. Runaway, meet the guy, live together in some abandoned old house in the woods, then fall in love and raise a family.

"Hello? Are you going to put them on or…?" Ryan's voice echoed as I fell away from my thoughts. I looked around with some dumb look on my face then up at Ryan who was looking back down at me with that grin still on his face.

"I uh I-I need my bag!" I stuttered as I pushed myself away from him and tripping over a left over stick, falling with class and landing on my butt in the dirt. My skirt was now almost all the way up at my hips and the tube top showing off the rim of my strapless bra.

Scrambling to my feet, I tugged down my skirt with one hand and pulled up my top with the other. I corrected my feet on the ground and took a sharp breath and walked over to the Tee-Pee.

Once inside of my little wooden tent I looked around at the three hour project I put so much hard labor into. I can't believe I'm just up and leaving this place to go to some runaway society. This is insane.

I grabbed my bag and slid on my shoes before I retreated from the Tee Pee and turned on my heel to face Ryan again. He was twirling his thumbs back and forth, leaning against a tree and held a bored expression.

"Okay well I'm ready now." I said with a sigh and he jumped nearly falling then caught himself back on the tree and let out a quick breath.

I waited around for another minute or so until he pushed away from the tree and turned to face me. He had that small smile still on his face as he folded his arms across his chest and eased back onto the tree.

"What?" I questioned as I folded my arms and looked from side to side with a rising blush. His smile grew to that familiar grin and yet again he held his hand out to me.

I blinked a few times then unfolded my arms and reached out a hand to his. Ryan's hand wrapped around mine gently and then he placed his other hand on my hip and lifted me into the air with ease then set me down on the other side of a fallen tree trunk.

"Nothing. I see you finally put your shoes on. We'll just walk for a bit until I find a spot a little further from town for someone from the society to come get us." He said with a wink and I snorted.

Wink's are not flattering and they only show a girl you want to get them in bed, or you have something to hide.

I glanced back at him as he lead us through the endless amount of tree's with ease as if he had been a guide for multiple other people. I physically shook at the thought of him helping several other girls get to the R.A.S. and how he might have charmed them as well. What if I'm just another play toy?

No… I don't think he could be that cold. He seemed invisible and from my view all the invisible people were the nicer ones. They always knew to make the wiser decision and had a way of knowing not to be a selfish prick. I may have only seen Ryan from a distance but I saw enough to know, I hope, that he's not like all the other guys.

Things I know for a fact about him is that he is in a lot of after school clubs, maybe from a troubled personal life, I'm not sure. Two is that he is an extremely talented musician. You could give him any instrument and tell him he had an hour to practice and perform a song and he would pull it off like he played the instrument his whole life. Third is how he is very persuasive and knows how to stop bad situations.

One time back in 8th grade two boys were going at it in the cafeteria and due to our lack of 'security' nobody was able to stop the two before they almost broke out pounding each others face in. I say almost because Ryan jumped in and talked sense into the two boys and by the end of the day those two boys left skill normally, even giving each other that handshake man hug thing. Amazing.

I know I seem like a stalker because I know all these things but it's really all by word of mouth and by the few things I have heard about him. I really hadn't taken any interest in him until about half way through the school year and he came into one of my gym classes for a make up day.

It was the first time I could match his name with his face. Up until then it was just Ryan Davis the kid who stopped the fighting boys. No face.

I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts as my forehead collided with Ryan's back and I stumbled backward only to bump into a tree, yet again bumping my head only on the opposite side.

"Ow…" I said softly under my breath just as he turned around and looked at me, his eye brow raised.

"You okay?" I barely heard him ask before his head swung around again. I followed his gaze and found myself staring at an old dirt road that was littered with leaves and if you were stupid enough, could easily blend in with the forest around it.

"Yeah, I only hit my head twice." I emphasized and I saw the end of his lip curve up forming that familiar grin and I just rolled my eyes.

I stood myself up and watched as Ryan cupped his hands around his mouth and whistled out a 8 noted tune. I listened closely and then very faintly and I mean very, very faintly, it repeated in the distance. With a small nod of approval from Ryan he turned back to me.

"Just take a seat, it's be a few minutes before Jacob gets here." Ryan said smoothly as he slid down against a tree and sat at its base with his knees up and elbows resting at their caps.

"Who's Jacob?" I asked curiously and in an attempt to start a conversation.

"Our ride to base." Ryan answered bluntly and I rolled my eyes at him. It's extremely obvious that he has no interest in talking to me, let alone looking at me. Starting up conversations with him is a bust, but I don't think I should give up just yet.

We sat around for a few minutes like Ryan said before a humming came in the distance and Ryan stood up quickly.

"I swear to god, if he brought his motorcycle, I'm going to tackle his sorry ass." Ryan said out loud and I shook with the intensity in his voice.

No more than 15 seconds later a spec of black neared us and I realized it was a 1977 John Greenwood Sportwagon and yet it still glistened like it was brand new and not over 30 years old.

We made our way up to the road as the car swerved to a stop a few feet from us. The door swung open and a blonde head turned around to face us and I was instantly greeted by a beautiful set of white teeth. His smile could make any girl fall for him, but to bad for him I'm not just any girl.

"Dude, there's only two seats in that car." Ryan said as he placed his hand on the roof of the car and looked at the blonde. The blonde himself didn't really seem to interested in whatever Ryan was saying to him because his eyes were scanning me up and down.

Eventually he looked at Ryan and his smile faltered but he quickly glanced back at me and smiled again. Jeez, I can already tell he's a pretty boy who gets everything he wants, it's obvious by his obnoxious smile and seemingly good looks. His blue eyes aren't dull and boring, no there a royal blue with a lighter touch.

"Chill, we can figure something out." The blonde finally said turning to Ryan with an irritated tone.

"Okay then grace us with your plan oh wise one, cause there's no way in hell I'm walking." Ryan said as he leaned up against the car with an irritated look covering his whole face.

I caught Ryan's eye and he rolled his eyes in a sarcastic manner and I held back a laugh. I saw a small flash of Ryan's familiar grin but it was gone as Jacob came around to our side of the car and sat on the hood.

"Well. At least introduce her to me." The blonde said and I wanted to scowl at how conceited he just sounded. I didn't have to though as Ryan scoffed and turned his head with a shake.

"Jacob this is Ellie, and Ellie this is Jacob." Ryan spat out quickly. I could already tell how much he disliked Jacob and knew that if he didn't like Jacob, I wouldn't like Jacob either.

"Pleased to meet you." Jacob said smoothly then winked at me. I offered up a small smile and then rubbed my right arm unconsciously.

"Your plan?" Ryan asked impatiently and Jacob gave that irritated look and then glanced at me again.

"How about you drive and she sits on my lap?" He shrugged and yet again flashed is award winning smile which I was already tired of seeing. My eyes went wide as I registered that Jacob mentioned me sitting on his lap.

"How about no?" Ryan answered with a smart ass smile and I couldn't help this time and burst out laughing. I quickly covered my mouth though shut my lips tight then looked up at the boys to see them both staring at me with raised eye brows.

"Sorry, you guys are just… acting like little kids… and I can't help but… laugh because it's… hilarious!" I got out through my fits of laughter.

"Were not little kids." Ryan said sternly and I burst out laughing even more.

"I'm sorry. Just let me catch my breath." I said in a huff and took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"You good now?" Ryan asked and I saw his grin. I probably looked really funny laughing my butt off in front of the two, but their bickering was just like little kids trying to say mean things to each other.

"Yeah. Just get in and drive. I don't care who's lap I'm sitting on as long as nobody's sitting on mine." I said with a grin.

Almost as soon as I said it Ryan opened the door and slid into the passenger seat and clamped on his seat belt.

Jacob stood up with a glare in Ryan's direction and in return Ryan held his adorable grin.

I walked up to the door and then realized how awkward this ride would be. I really did not think this through when I said I didn't care who's lap I was sitting on. I felt my heart start beating faster as I put my left leg in the car. My heart went into over drove when I lowered myself down onto Ryan's lap and then placed my other leg in the car.

Jacob was already in the car and I could feel his eyes watching my butt the whole way as I sat down. When I was finally good and the door closed I took a quick glance at Jacob and noticed his grip on the steering wheel was really tight.

"Drive." Ryan's irritated voice called and then we were off.

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