"Just go!" Winry yelled at her ex-best friend Lucy. "Go away and stop talking to me!" She sank down on the grass, watching Lucy leave and not caring that she was still in public as the first tear of many fell. After several minutes, Winry realized that people were staring at her, so she got up and started walking to the bus stop, wiping away her tears as they fell. She would get mad later, but for now she was content enough to cry, mourning her loss of a good friend. Rather, Lucy used to be a good friend, before she betrayed Winry by making out with Brandon.

Later, in her room, she taped a picture of Lucy, herself, and Brandon from their trip to the water-park on her homemade punching bag, mutilating the image and bruising her hands. When she was done, the paper was tattered, and she was no longer angry about what Lucy had done. Now, she just needed to get revenge. She headed out to the garage that her parents had given her for her sixteenth birthday to mess around more with the new car she was currently working on. Winry always worked on her cars when she wanted to think, and today was no different.

How could she get revenge on Lucy and Brandon? Winry was too smart to do something stupid and petty, just for the momentary satisfaction of seeing her friend hurt in some temporary way, and wasn't above risking serious damage to Lucy, Brandon, or any of their possessions to make her point. Winry had claimed Brandon months ago, and Lucy being drunk didn't make it ok for her to make mistakes about this. True, she had been under the influence of enough different substances to kill a baby elephant, but Lucy should know that Winry didn't let anyone trespass on her property.

While she was playing with the engine, Winry heard a knock on her door. "Come in!" she yelled, expecting it to be her mother or father, telling her to come inside. It was almost seven, she realized, looking at her watch.

"Hi!" came an all-too-cheerful voice from behind her that she knew well. "I, um... came to apologize. About Brandon. I know he's yours, and I'm sorry. If it makes a difference, he kiss me first..."

At the first sound of Lucy, Winry had frozen, but now she was just enraged. "Get. The. Fuck. Out," She said, venom dripping from her words. Winry didn't have to listen to this, and wasn't going to. "I don't want you here, and I'm not going to listen to anything you say. It will be better for us both if you just leave, before I attack you. Though, I would enjoy using you as my punching bag. The one I made last year is starting to wear out."

Lucy laughed nervously. She never could tell when Winry was joking, but she was pretty sure that Winry really didn't like her very much right now. "Hey, Win... Please listen? I need to tell you something else too..."

"No! Get out! How else must I say it! I hate you!" Winry moved towards Lucy, raising her fists, preparing to hurt Lucy if she came near. Winry had calmed down earlier, but was furious again from Lucy's nerve to show up here. And so soon!

Lucy backed up, almost tripping over the small ledge that led up to the door. She stepped up, dodging a neat cross from Winry, backing out the door. "Wait!" she yelled, just before the door was slammed in her face, hitting her nose.

"I just wanted to say that I didn't want to kiss Brandon. He made me..."

Left alone, outside, Lucy knew she had little choice but to go home and wait for whatever Winry decided to do for revenge. So she did, hiding out in her house for the rest of the summer, praying that Winry would have forgotten the incident by the time school started again.