Chapter One: Merciless

Pain laced through my body like poison. It infected my whole body. My check pressed against the dirty black ground. The smell of wet asphalt and garbage crawled through my bloody nose. The steady hum of water bouncing on the ground became the soundtrack to my pain. Blood trickled from my mouth, and joined the water running out of the alley and onto the city streets. Blurriness coated my vision, and my voice refused to cry out for help. I was close to drifting away from the alley and into a dream world. Failure lit my heart in flames and burned at my soul. The rain struck my body that was only concealed with undergarments and numbed it with the cold. My teeth that once clipped at each other had stopped, and my body had ceased shaking.

A voice cut through the pounding rain, and threw a small current of hope into my body. The tone and pitch of the voice was all too familiar. The last bit of adrenaline my body could gather shot through me. Unfortunately, the only sound that left my mouth was a small moan of pain. Perhaps it was the only sound needed, because it sent footsteps my way.

"Sydney!" His voice was harsh and crazed. It cut through the night with purpose and anxiety. My body laid in a heap behind a dumpster. The sloshing of puddles being stepped in sounded close to me. My body was trapped in a numbing cold. I wanted to be released.

"Syd." Said more fragile this time. His voice was a mere whisper mixed in with the unforgiving night. Trembling hands traveled over my bleeding face bringing warmth to my frozen skin. My brown hair that half draped over my eyes was brushed away. The darkness swept together in my dying vision. I only saw his glassy eyes through my half opened lids. They were a strange dark green in the depths of the night. They were usually a bright lime green that warranted me safety.

"I am so sorry." His voice quivered as the rain continued to fall. A piece of clothing draped over my almost naked body. My pounding head was lifted from the wet ground.

"Look at me, Syd." I opened my green eyes as much as I possibly could and glanced into his trusting eyes.

"I need you to hold on. I've got you now." He finished as my whole body levitated off the asphalt. He held me bridle style and pushed me tightly to him. My body hung limp in his arms. My bloodied cheek pressed against the soft feeling of his T-shirt. The familiar scent of his cologne sent me into a tirade of memories. Blake. The warmth radiating from his chest and into my body made my split lips lift into a scarce smile.

"Syd, who did this to you?" He asked with anger stinging his voice. Lights flashed into my eyes as he walked under street lights. The bright lights sent my already pounding head into a more intense headache. It was then I realized I didn't know who had done this. I didn't remember what had happened. Hopelessness hit my stomach. My heart ached. I only had the feeling of failure igniting my emotions.

"Don'… know." The whispered words crossed my broken lips with pain. I didn't know if he heard them. My throat felt torn from screaming. I sighed and was about to resign myself to sleep. A shaking of my shoulder kept me awake.

"Try to stay awake as long as you can, Syd." Blake's words made me keep prying my tired eyes open. Dizziness swirled all around me. My world flipped over and over again. Minutes later, Blake balanced me awkwardly as he opened a car door. He set me on the smooth black leather seat, and I sank into it lazily with my whole body numb. Blake entered the passenger side and blasted the heat. Warm air made my body tingle. He reached over me, and my seatbelt clicked as it locked. The urge to close my eyes was no longer avoidable. I had fought as long as I could. My eyes slipped closed, and I resigned myself to fate, hoping it decided to save me.

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