Chapter Eight

"And what makes me so important?" I asked as I relaxed my arms at my side. My face lay expressionless. Adrian's hand left my lower back. He turned his back toward me and let out a slow breath.

"She isn't ready for this," Adrian muttered angrily as he ran a hand over his hair.

"Well, the rest of the world is, so she needs to be," Zane retorted as his blue eyes lightly skimmed over me. Even though my extreme curiosity made me anxious and angry with Adrian for keeping something a secret, I was more focused on Blake. His left eye looked swollen, and he was slightly hunched over. My eyes followed down his body until my eyes hit his side. One of his hands was over the wound on his side. Blood slowly crawled down his hand and started dripping on my dark cherry wood floors. The man named Zane was positioned a little more in front of the two other men. That meant that this Zane character was most likely in charge.

"Give me a few more days to make a decision," Adrian said at last as he turned to face us again.

"Days make the difference between life and death. The girl is not going to last here very much longer in your care. Word has spread, and there are rumors. It would be best to get started on relocating her now," Zane spoke up with his blue eyes watching Adrian intently.

"Then give me a day," Adrian spoke up. Adrian actually looked flustered. If the situation was any different, I might have laughed. But laughing would show emotion, and the vampires across from me didn't need to know anything about me. I wasn't going to give them any clues.

"Just know that this risk is at your expense. If something is to happen-"

"Nothing is going to happen," Adrian said quickly, cutting Zane off. I took a few steps over to Blake and stood closer to his side. However, I didn't aid him right away. I was trying to take back my weakness I had for Blake. Nobody seemed too upset about him not receiving any medical attention. I figured that was because he was okay.

"Tell me," I spoke up with a roughness in my voice. The males in the room all glanced over at me as if just really realizing my presence. And no one answered. Fury rose in me. I wasn't wasting my time with these men if they weren't going to explain. Blake was hurt.

"Fine, I'm leaving," I said as I walked toward Blake. His green eyes watched me as I walked over to him and put the palm of my hand on his upper back.

"Come with me, Blake," I spoke softly as I looked at his face. He brought the back of his hand to his lips and wiped away some of the blood.

"Stay, Blake," Adrian said with a thick edge to his voice.

"Don't tell him what to do, Adrian," I said as my eyes cut over to him. My lips were pressed together in anger. Adrian stared back at me with his eyes challenging me.

"Syd…" Blake whispered beside me. I ignored Blake and chose to rant at Adrian.

"I don't know what you fucking problem is, but you just let some psychopaths come into my room and harass me. They injured your guards and Blake. Then you act like everything is okay between you guys? No wonder why you absolutely suck at being a prince," I said. My voice started to rise in anger. When Blake's hand landed on my shoulder, I backed out of my attack on Adrian and let out a quick breath to calm myself.

"Sydney," Adrian began, but I was already spinning on my heels and walking out of the door with my arm still wrapped around Blake's back. I stepped into the hallway, and the door started to close behind us.

"Sydney!" Adrian called after me. I kept walking with my back turned to his voice. Blake's body was radiating with warmth. I could hear him breathing with difficulty, so I slowed down. I glanced up to his face. A drop of sweat was slowly making its way down his forehead. Blood was smeared across his right cheek.

"Sydney," Adrian said quickly as he grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me to him. I spun around, let go of Blake, and stumble into Adrian's chest. I pushed off of one of his shoulders and ended up face to face with Adrian. His silver eyes were looking down at me with anger. The hand he wrapped around my wrist held me tightly. His full lips parted.

"You're not human." The words fell out of his mouth and into the hall way. My heart dropped. I stared at him as everything fell to silence. The only thing I could hear with the fragile sound of my breathing. My heart beat and my breathing. My emotions caved in on themselves. I was trapped and left entirely confused.

"What?" I could hear my voice in a faint whisper.

"You aren't a human," Adrian repeated. His hand still clenched onto my wrist tightly, as if he knew running was one of my options.

"Yes, I am," I countered as my hearing started to come back to me. I noticed the men that had broken into my room start to come behind Adrian.

"Sydney," Adrian whispered as if willing for me to accept it. His silver eyes softened.

"Just stop, Adrian," I said forcefully. Then there was an echoing of footsteps. I stiffened and glanced down at Adrian's hand wrapped around my wrist. The door all the way down the hall snapped open quickly. All of our eyes turned toward the men who had just ran up the flight of stairs.

"Sydney," Cliff called out. His long brown hair was stuck to his forehead in sweat. Julius was just behind him.

"Cliff?" I asked. Adrian's hand loosened on my wrist. Cliff's eyes shifted beyond me toward Zane, Dax and Torture. In one quick motion, he pulled out his sword. The clinging of the metal rang out in the hall. Julius took a step up next to Cliff with an arrow already placed in his bow. Without warning Julius let the arrow fly. I let out a small gasp. The arrow soared past Blake, Adrian, and I. I watched as Zane ducked down, and the arrow flew past his head. The arrow imbedded itself into a wall beyond them.

"Let's all remain calm," Zane said with his voice still relaxed. I threw a surprised look over at Julius to see him aiming another arrow at the group. The tan skin on his cheeks had turned a little red. His blue eyes wouldn't leave Zane's group. A small drop of sweat glistened on his forehead.

"What are you doing here?" Cliff asked Zane as he glimpsed over at me. Blake was injured. A group of psychopaths were standing in the hall with us. Cliff and Julius were about to attack. And Adrian was trying to tell me I wasn't human.

"Cliff, they're okay," I said suddenly. Julius's eyes snapped to me, finally looking away from Zane. Upon seeing me, he lowered his bow. Cliff lowered his sword, but like Julius, he still held his weapon in his hand at his side.

"This is how things are going to work," Adrian spoke up beside me. "Julius and Cliff take Blake to the doctor. Zane, Dax, and Torture, you're going to have to leave." I glanced over at Blake. Blood was in his blond hair, and his lazy green eyes looked only at me. I gave him a soft smile quickly, to let him know that I was okay. But Blake was hard to fool; he frowned back at me.

"I cannot leave yet," Zane said.

"We're not leaving Sydney with unknown people," Cliff argued.

"But you will," Adrian asserted.

"Cliff, do as he says," I whispered. Cliff's brown eyes stared at me with anger before he stepped forward silently and walked toward Blake. Julius followed suit.

"Those two are really great fighters," Dax spoke up behind Zane. Why in the world was he smiling? "I could still take them both at one time, but they're still decent," he finished. Zane looked back and acknowledged Dax. Zane didn't look happy. Dax cleared his throat and his silver eyes fell to the ground.

"I'm talking to Zane," I said suddenly as I stepped forward. Adrian grabbed my sleeve.

"I'll be fine," I whispered to Adrian.

"I don't trust him," he said back to me with his jaw clenched tightly.

"I don't trust anyone," I said as I stared up into his silver eyes. Adrian stared into my green eyes without saying anything. Seconds passed. His hand dropped my sleeve, and he turned away. I glanced behind me to see Blake's arms slung over Cliff and Julius. I let out a small sigh.

"Let's talk," I said as I grabbed Zane's arm and started to pull him with me and into my room. He didn't protest as the door shut behind us. We left the other boys in the hall. I turned my back on him and picked up my blanket that had fallen on the floor while I was struggling against Zane. As I turned back around, Zane was laying his long black coat gently over my white couch. His ice blue eyes wandered over the selection of books on the book shelf as he took off his harness full of weapons. His back muscles flexed as he reached around and unbuckled one of his straps. His calmness seemed to radiate from him and calm me. I sat down at the edge of my bed.

"What is it that you would like to talk about?" he asked as he set his weapon harness next to his coat. He pulled a gun from one of his pockets and placed it next to his stuff. I stared at him and stayed silent. As he finished taking off all of his equipment, he turned to me. His blue eyes searched my body, and a small smile slipped onto his face. I crossed my arms. Why was he smiling? There was absolutely nothing funny about the situation.

"Where did you grow up, Zane?" I asked. I saw the smile waver on his face until it dropped completely.

"It isn't relevant to what you need to know," he said.

"What do you think I need to know?" I asked, glancing at him in wonder.

"Things about you, not about me," he answered as he straightened his black shirt. He was in excellent shape, that was evident.

"I need to know about you if I'm going to trust what you have to say," I said as he watched me without an expression on his face. He closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, he brought his hand up to his ear.

"Signing off," he said as I watched him pull an electrical device from his ear. He also reached inside of his shirt and pulled out an electrical recording device.

"Glad to know we're officially off the record," I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Not many people ever ask me about my past," he said suddenly as he added his wires to his neat pile of gear.

"I grew up in the late 1800s living in Chicago, when sky scrapers were just being built, and when Chicago was becoming the city we know today. These times were not adequate times," he said vaguely.

"Why weren't they adequate?" I pressed on. He didn't answer for a while. I waited him out.

"My father left me at a young age, and my mother died when I was fifteen. I became a street beggar as a child with my little brother." He gave me minor and vague details. I thought about his little brother, but I didn't ask him where he was.

"So we might have more in common than we think," I suggested thinking about all the foster homes I've been to as my arms fell to my sides. "What made you hurt Blake?" I said as I narrowed my eyes at him.

"There's a problem going on between The Court of Radiance and The Court of Shadows right now, Sydney. I do not have the patients right now when it comes to you. I need to get you out of here and somewhere safe," he finished as his bright blue eyes slid over my body. He kept staring at me oddly, as if he was checking me out or something.

"I have a lot of questions, but first I'm going to ask what the problem between the courts is," I stated.

"The Court of Radiance is being compromised by the Court's princess known as Kalia. Pretty soon The Court of Shadows is going to expose vampires to the world, and they have princess Kalia, who is a part of The Court of Radiance, spying and working with them. It is only a matter of time before a war starts and the princess gives The Court of Shadows intel on The Court of Radiance," he paused then resumed speaking quieter. "And I might have killed one of the princes of The Court of Shadows." I tried to wrap my head around all the information.

"So The Court of Radiance doesn't want to expose your kind?" I asked.

"They want to keep us a secret still, yes. And I agree with them," Zane answered.

"And The Court of Shadows wants to show your kind to the world?"

"Yes," he answered with an amused smile growing on his face.

"What exactly is your kind?" I asked. "Your eyes…"

"I'm a vampire, but I'm also human," he said, the smile on his face still held.

"What? You're a mutt?" I asked as I stared at him oddly. There was no such thing.

"Yes, and so are you," he said quickly with his smile wavering a little.

"What the hell?" I said losing my composure. My crossed arms fell to my sides as I stared at him wide eyed. "I'm leaving," I said as I walked over to my closet to grab a sweater. I was human and only human.

"Listen to me, Sydney. You are going to transition into a vampire very soon now. You're going to be one of the only full blood female vampires. You're going to not only need someone to help you, but you will also need someone to protect you. The Court of Radiance and The Court of Shadows want you for the power you will possess when you turn into a vampire," Zane spoke very quickly as I grabbed the duffle bag Blake gave me with my stuff when I first came here. I opened one of the dresser drawers and grabbed a pile of my clothes.

"And what power would that be if you are telling the truth about me?"

"The power to reproduce a full born vampire," he answered softly. I froze while putting my clothes in the duffle bag. What in the world was he saying? The Court of Shadows was going to take me and force me to have a full vampire baby? I'd rather die. I went to my night stand to grab the picture of Blake and me with the claw machine.

Zane's hand wrapped around my upper arm, and I spun away quickly. As I spun, my arm came out and knocked over the lamp that was sitting on the nightstand. It came crashing down, and pieces of it shattered on the hard wood floors.

"Just-just stop," I whispered to Zane as I stared at him with my chest rising and falling quickly. I've never broken down like that. I lost all of my composure. There was too much going on at once.

"Sydney?" I heard Adrian's voice call from the other side of my bedroom door. The door to my room pushed open.

"There's only one more thing you have to know." Zane's voice was like the calm before the storm. "You have a twin sister." And that did it.

"Adrian, get him out," I whispered. I turned my back to Zane and Adrian.

"Stop touching her," I heard Adrian mutter. Zane's hand left my arm. I pressed the palms of my hands to my eyes. There was only one person I wanted to talk to.

"He's resting now, and the doctor said he will be absolutely fine," Julius said as he matched my fast pace beside me. I heard him take another bite into his apple. His cheek had a thin scratch that was healing quickly and easily. Julius and Cliff had come into contract with Zane, Dax, and Torture and had lost that fight. I had left Adrian, Zane, and the others behind. It was still in the middle of my sleeping cycle.

"He's just in this door here. They have a few hospital rooms here. There's always something happening," Julius said as he opened a plain white door. For a moment, I was brought back to the few days I spent at the hospital recovering from the alley. The alley. I froze by the door way. Darkness. There was darkness and a sound. The sound. Lips pressed to my ear. Whispers. The whisper.

"Sydney?" Julius caught me off guard, and I flinched.

"I'm okay. You can leave me here," I said as I stepped into the dark room that resembled a hospital room.

"We're going to be posted just down the hall. Yell if you need us, okay?" Julius said from somewhere behind me.

"Yeah," I answered quietly.

Blake was sleeping. His breathing was soft and quiet. His chest would rise then drop from underneath the white blanket. His blond hair was in disarray. I stepped close to the bedside, and his eyes cracked open. I tensed, hoping that I didn't wake him.

"I didn't want to leave you," he muttered softly. His green eyes were droopy and didn't open all the way.

"Shhh, it's okay, Blake. I completely understand," I said as I sat down on the bed next to him.

"You're always so good to me," he said as he closed his eyes again.

"You saved my life you know," I said thinking back to the alley.

"If I was doing my job then you would have never been in danger," Blake whispered.

"And what was your job?" I asked.

"To keep you safe," he answered. And now that made complete sense as to why I needed to be protected. Was I really a half vampire? I stared down at my hands.

"Syd, I need to know what happened that night. The night when I found you in the alley," Blake said as his fragile eyes opened again. I stared at him and swallowed.

"Those dreams I share with you… You're really there, right?" I asked as I swallowed thickly. I didn't want to remember it, but maybe I needed to.

"Yes," he answered as he took a slow breath in.

"You can project my memories into my dreams?" I continued to ask him questions.

"Only if you direct it," he said as he let out a sigh.

"Then help me remember." The words slipped out of my mouth, and for a moment I wanted to take them back, but I knew this was how it had to be.

"Syd, I'm not going to make-"

"I said that I wanted you to," I said with a hint of anger in my voice. I already decided on it. I didn't want him to change my mind.

"Okay, fine." His tired green eyes closed as he answered.

"What do I need to do?" I asked with my voice low and relaxed, but I couldn't fool myself. My heart was racing.

"All you need to do is sleep and think about me as you're falling into a dream," he said as he shifted on the bed. A few seconds later he opened the side of the blanket—inviting me to sleep next to him. I slipped under the covers and rested my head on Blake's chest. He was so warm. He was safety and home. Could home be a person? His arm came up and wrapped around my shoulder. Exhaustion hit me hard. He skin was burning.

"Syd, I met your twin sister you know," he said quietly. I had shoved that theory of me having a twin sister to the back of my mind. There was no way I had one. My breathing slowed.

"She looks exactly like you," he mumbled as my body fell into a relaxed state. I didn't even reply. I didn't even want to think. I only thought about the rising and falling of Blake's chest. I let sleep take me, and it was absolutely wonderful. For the first couple of seconds.

I was living through it. In the other dreams that Blake had projected from me, I always ended up separating myself from my dream self, but this time it wasn't working. I couldn't escape. I was my dream self and only that. I couldn't control my actions, I was just a passenger.

"Sydney!" I heard Blake call out somewhere, but my I was stuck in my dream. I couldn't get myself to look to him. The club was jammed packed. I sat on a bar stool looking over the people dancing.

My green eyes caught his hand on her perfectly tanned thigh. It was then I decided it simply wouldn't do. I slid from the hard bar stool and let up the grip I had on my drink. My heels clicked, but the sound was drowned out by the pounding music. Girls clung onto guys, and guys wrapped their dirty hands around their waists. Vibrations shook the room.

I squeezed myself onto the dance floor. Colored lights flashed. Sweat touched my body, and I ignored the repulsive feelings that made me want to escape. His eyes shinned silver in the darkness. Oh my God. I wanted the dream to stop. He didn't fool me. His brown hair was short and cropped in a stylish way. The girl he held to him had blonde hair and a foolish grin on her face. Her lips shined with lip gloss. I readied myself.

Pushing past people I came to stand next to the couple. I was trying so badly to scream to my past self, but I was trapped. I slipped my hand between them, then shoved myself against him. Through the action, I managed to push the other woman away. I glanced over my shoulder. Her smile faltered and she looked at me with a sneer. I was only trying to save her life. My manicured hands slid underneath his shirt and up his perfect chest. Don't do this, Sydney. I told my dream self. I hid my repulsion with a smooth smile. His white teeth gleamed at me, and it wasn't long before his hand tugged me off the dance floor.

My back was pressed against the back of a dirty brick wall. The smell of garbage wafted through the dark alley. His hands roamed my body as his lips pressed against mine dangerously. For a moment, I doubted myself. This was my third time. I should be fine. I masked my real emotions with a fake smile. Please, please, please… please stop. I wanted the dream to stop. I didn't want to relive this.

My dream self pulled up on his shirt, and he broke away from me to pull it off. I glanced down at his perfectly muscled body. I ran my hands down his shoulder, across his chest, and brushed over his abs. My hands stopped at the edge of his dark jeans. I tugged at the edge of them to bring him closer to me. My lips connected with his once again. There weren't any words spoken between us. The dream needed to end, but I couldn't call out to Blake. I heard him in the background calling my name.

The sheathe was strapped to my thigh under my black sparkling dress. His hands traveled to the back of my dress. Hands. His cold hands. The sound of the zipper. The slow sound of the zipper coming undone sped my heart beats. There was no way my dress was coming off. He must have taken my fast heart beats as a good sign. Nervousness collected in my stomach. I opened my green eyes and glanced into his as we parted. They were full-fledged red.

In one quick motion, I unsheathed my knife and brought the blade forward. And I missed. Stop the dream! I tried saying it, but I was still trapped in my dream self. I could not manipulate the dream. His hands caught my wrists and slammed my body into the brick wall. My breath was knocked out of my chest. The silver knife flew from my hands and hit the cold ground. The skin on my back scrapped against the brick. Pain welled up. I could only imagine the scrapes on my back seeping with small amounts of blood.

"This is a turn in events," his voice flowed through the night with flawlessness only vampires had. Fear suddenly collected in my gut. The sound of his voice. That sound.

"Should we take off your dress to see if you have any more weapons concealed?" I opened my mouth to scream, but his hand flew over it. Lip gloss smeared from my lips and onto his dirty hand. With one hand he unzipped the rest of my dress. The sound of the zipper. With my one hand free, I tried to push him away. He only laughed at my attempt. I brought my knee up and was about to hit him in the place all males despise when he countered my actions. He brought his hands up and used all of his strength to push me onto the cold ground.

My head snapped back and pounded into the asphalt of the alley. My senses turned to blackness. In the background of the dream I could still hear Blake vaguely calling out to me. I awoke without knowing how long I'd been out. Dizziness swarmed all around me. A faint mist began to fall from the sky. It must have only been minutes.

The breeze pressed against my bare skin. My dress was now shoved off to the side leaving me almost naked. My underwear and bra were the only articles of clothing concealing me. My breathing increased when I found material stuffed into my mouth. It cut my screams into small muffles. I curled in on myself only to find my wrists slashed and tied together with fabric. Pain radiated from my wrists every time I tried to use my hands.

His silver eyes were suddenly looking into my green ones. His body pressed down on mine as he hovered over me. My back throbbed with pain as it dug into the ground. His mouth came down to mine, and he nipped at my lips splitting them open. The strong taste of blood slowly dripped down from my wounded lips, past the gag, and into my mouth. I tried to scream for help. Laughter from the man on top of me was my only answer. He licked at the blood my lips leaked.

I tried to squirm away from him, but that back fired on me. A smacking sound echoed through the small alley as his hand made contact with my face. Blood pooled in my mouth. The skin on my cheek stung from his nails digging into my flesh. I wanted to cough, but the gag kept me from doing so. The cold wind bit into my flesh. The asphalt cut into my skin.

His cold hands slithered to the edge of my panty line. I thrashed in his hold. Raw fear wove itself into my whole being. I was an idiot for doing this. I was so so so stupid. His hand was underneath my underwear, and he touched me there, violating me. My legs kicked out, and I wouldn't seize moving. I screamed against the gag.

"Quiet," The vampire said above me with a hardening tone. I refused to give in to his command.

A pain so deep hit my stomach sending me into agony. My screaming diminished into the merciless night. He had cut me. He pinned my tied together wrists to the ground above my head. Instinctively, my hands wanted to go to my stomach and nurse the wound. He prevented me from doing so. His hand came out of my underwear.

"So you are the one we have been told to watch for. You protected the woman I was with earlier." A stray tear ran down my bleeding cheek burning me. Pain. Pain. Pain. I was growing dizzy from blood loss.

"I wasn't planning on killing her...but it seems I may need to revisit that decision." His words struck me. I failed. I had failed. Another strike of pain emerged in my leg. He had cut me again. Tears freely fell from my eyes. When he was finished with the knife, I had four major cuts from his knife and multiple cuts scattered all over my body. I was cut twice on my stomach, once on my left leg, and one on my right leg. I shook as the cold breeze seeped into my skin. My throat had grown hoarse at my relentless but unrewarded screaming. My adrenaline had run dry. My body was giving up. I could no longer move without pain crowding my body.

He pulled the gag from my mouth, but I was no longer able to yell. My throat felt torn from yelling. I started to drift into unconsciousness. I don't know why he was leaving my heart still beating. The last thing I heard from him was a cryptic whisper.

"Still breathing? I wonder if fate decides to save you." Then his voice ended.

The sound of a sword sliding from a sheathe entered the alley way. At first I thought it was my attacker going to end me, but a new voice spoke up.

"Leave the girl alone," someone called out. I drifted in and out of consciousness. The sound of swords clashing. The echoing of sounds bouncing around in the alley. The smell of garbage. The taste of blood lingering in my mouth. My slow breathing. The rain falling on my bare skin.

"Just wait a few minutes more. Blake is coming," he whispered in my ear. I cracked my eyes open. His silver eyes were tinted with red. His black hair was gelled back but starting to fall in stands into his eyes from the rain. He was very built. That's all I could see before he disappeared.

Then I heard him. Blake.

"Sydney!" His voice was harsh and crazed. It cut through the night and brought a small sense of hope into my beat up body. The rain poured from the sky.

Then my nightmare crashed. The pavement from underneath me started to crack. The buildings surrounding me shook. I let out a small moan of pain, then the world collapsed.

I woke up with a huge gasp. All the pain that I felt from the alley washed away from me. I was drenched in sweat, and my heart was racing. My eyes frantically searched the dark room. I flinched when Blake touched my arm.

"Sydney, Syd, it's okay. I've got you now," Blake said as he reached out and wrapped his arms around me. I cried. It wasn't the slow silent sort of crying. It was sobbing. Everything was finally released.

"Shh, Sydney, I promise I'll never let anything that terrible happen to you again," he whispered as he rubbed my back and held me. It was okay to cry, because it was only Blake. Gosh, if it weren't for Blake there would be no one to listen to me, there would be no one to share my emotions with.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop your dream. I'm sorry, Syd," he kept whispering comments about him being sorry. I didn't answer though; all I did was cry.

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AdamsApple- I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE CHARACTERS TO MERGE TOO! It's going to be so great! :) Haha! Well I'm happy you chose my story to get addicted to! (who needs science? Lol) Wow! There are a lot of Dax fans! He may take crowd pleaser! I sort of intentionally made Adrian a love hate type of guy! Just let me know if hate gets too strong? Because I want readers to potentially like him, but I don't want them to completely hate him! So if you would let me know that would make me happy! Haha. As for the twin thing ;) haha you should go back and read chapter 15 of Ice Cream Cravings :D there are cool connections in it if you really feel inclined to reread it and apply it to LITR! I'm super happy you like Sydney! I was worried people would be so stuck on Blair they wouldn't conform to Sydney's…more serious personality! I like you ranting! So do it for however long you'd like! Haha Thanks so much for your review! It was good fun reading it!