The following part does not have any descriptions because it is meant to be in a cinematic fashion, much like a trailer of some sort. If it's confusing for anyone, I truly apologize, but still hope that you will read the rest. Enjoy.

Two years ago…

"War. Since the day we were born, we've fallen into the hands of violence. Even before then, it was still occurring. It's all we've been taught. It's become so commonplace that it's now a part of our daily lives. Why can't the Chancellor see? Why can't he see that this is destroying us? Doesn't he know that people are dying because of an endless, fruitless battle? Has he no heart? I am fed up with this. If no one is brave enough to end this mayhem, then I shall gladly do it. I've no need to live in this filthy world. I pray that you all will follow me. You have been supporting me ever since I started making these speeches. I never thought I would get this far. I thank you all. And to my dearest sister Fate, may you support me as well. Let us fight for our rights!"

"Reports have indicated that a young girl is attempting to overthrow the Chancellor's seat. The purpose for this is unknown, but authorities have identified her to be Luna Crystallis Reinhart, a resident of Supola. We'll have more information as this story unfolds."

"We cannot allow this girl to enter! Does she not know of the danger she'll cause if she does this? Soldiers, stop her at all costs!"

"Lord Zion, she's broken into the palace! Wait… What the hell is that? She has some sort of—"

"Don't even try to stop me. This is the resolution everyone has been seeking."

"How? How did you manage to defeat all of my soldiers? You're just an ordinary girl, Luna!"

"Oh, am I? Don't ever judge a book by its cover, old man Zion."

"There she is! Stop her!"

"You can't stop me, for I am the answer to all of this. There's not a single person that will stop me."

"You! You're going to pay for this!"

"Then kill me. Is it not your duty to protect and serve the Chancellor? Oh, but he's dead now. Shall I relieve you of your duty?"

"You little…! Argh!"

"You… You have no soul, Sinclair… When no one gives you orders, you just kill for fun?"

"Believe me, Luna, I don't like killing anyone. But if someone gets in my way, then that changes. What were you trying to gain from all this?"

"…Peace. That's all I really want… Is that so much to ask for?"

"You're only going to cause more corruption."

"More corruption? The entire world is already in a terrible state! I was trying to save it! Why don't you understand? Moreover, why doesn't anyone…"

"May you rest in peace."


"What is it?"

"…I want you to give a message…to my sister…"

"What's her name?"

"Ah, you show sympathy, even to a dying person…"

"Tell me her name."

"Fate… T-tell her…"

"Tell her what? Hey, you can't die on me yet!"

The Black Relic. The most feared form of magic of the world.

Most call it the ultimate sin against God; others know nothing of it.

Only two unfortunate humans have been afflicted with the curse.

One of them is gone now, the poor daughter of Eve.

But what of the other?

Is he or she in danger of experiencing the same fate?

Will this man be able to risk his soul to do justice again?

Only time will tell.