"Subject has been terminated. Continuing primary plan."

The humanoid was slowly returning to the Palace of Judgment, her dead eyes staring straight ahead. However, before she entered the city border, a force attacked her mind. She then started to groan, falling to her knees as she did. The groans slowly turned into near-screams. Ω-4's mind was vividly flashing images of Sinclair of the past and present, with the recent image burning into her mind. The dead stare hit her like a brick and the humanoid started to scream loudly. Her eyes were slowly turning soft.

"Sinclair… I… I…"

The second before she could say what she was dying to say, her mind regained control and the eyes hardened. The images left as fast as they arrived.

"Returning to base. System now functional again."

For a minute, the dark, hollow shell turned into the kind, peaceful Fate. And her eyes gushed out short human-like tears.

Tears of blood.

September 18, 3XXX

"Why, Ω-4, you certainly have improved your abilities. Did the last fight with Zwilland not satisfy you?"

"Currently fulfilling requirements for the mission. There is no time for rest."

"Yes. My plan is coming to fruition. The key is you, Ω. You're the one who can link this plan. Without you, it's a failure."

"Understood. Continuing training regimen."

"How are you holding on, brother?"

"Doing better than last time."

"How's the wound?"

"Healing, but I'm still not 100% cured."

"I wish I could be there for you."

"I know you would."

Sinclair was sheltered in his tree trunk, resting away the pain from the attack. Although it has been a full week, it still has not healed properly. Some of the flesh and skin has been repaired, but the hole was still there. The communication crystal was shining softly as Sinclair put it near his heart.

"So…are you going after the person who attacked you?"

"I don't think so. It was just too deadly. There's no way I can fight it again."

"Why are you calling it an 'it'? You clearly saw female aspects of it."

"But maybe it's not female. It didn't look human at all."

"Brother, you need to come back. It's been a week now and nothing new is happening."

"What about Fate?"

"Nothing from her or the Chancellor. Don't you think it's strange?"

"No. I'm sure what Fate has can't be cure in just a week. Give it time."

"We have. I don't think the Chancellor is even trying to cure Fate. Maybe he wants her to suffer like Luna did."

At the sound of her name, Sinclair froze. The name he hasn't heard of since long ago…

"Think about it, brother. Luna held the Black Relic and she perished from your hands. What if the Chancellor wants you to do the same to Fate? What if he's slowly weakening her so that she'll fall by your sword?"

Sinclair was mute.

"Come back, brother. The Chancellor hasn't answered any of my calls for the past week. I'm worried about Fate. She's a sweet girl, I'm sure of it. You need to save her…before the Chancellor changes her completely."

The silence took its hold.

"Brother, are you there?"

The illusion broke.

"Yeah, I'm here. But the Chancellor told me that I can't come back until he has found a cure."

"And you believe him?"

Sinclair jolted.

"Why did he send you away? Why did he separate us? He wants to weaken you so that you wouldn't have the guts to fight anymore. You've been brainwashed by his false words, brother. You've been a pawn to him."

Sinclair's hand vibrated.

"Please, come back, brother… Stop him before it's too late…"

The crystal was starting to dull, but before it completely faded, he managed to speak.

"I will."

"Now it's time to test your new abilities. Are you ready, Ω-4?"


In a training field away from the Palace, the Chancellor and Ω-4 were in standing in front of objects. The deep blue sky filled the sky, but the auras below it were anything but pure.


A small nod was the answer.

As mechanics flew past the duo, Ω-4 called up a distorted shield that prevented injury. While successful, it left their backs wide open, and a sentry commenced its rush. The humanoid concentrated and an electric sword ripped through space and destroyed the sentry. Ω-4 removed the shield and turned her eyes to the enemies in front of her. She raised her arms back and lashed them at the robots. However, her arms weren't the weapons. As she lashed out, sharp ice needles spread like a fire and hit each and every one of them, successfully destroying them.

"Impressive, Ω-4. However, there's one left."

The duo set their sights on the large machination. There was a shining core in the middle of it. It held two large cannons filled with magical energy, and it didn't look like any of Ω-4's attacks were going to do any damage to it.

"Enemy intel gathered. Threat level is B. Armor is penetrable and attacks seem weak. Core is the primary weakness. Preparing attack."

Ω-4 first awaited the attack of the machination. Charging its cannons, it took aim at the humanoid and fired. The duo was attacked, but they disappeared the second it was in their faces. Cirtain was placed far away from the action, and Ω-4 was high in the air, her arms stretched out behind her. She fell rapidly and it looked like her attack was going to miss, but this was her attack. She slashed the air and two green plasma blades shot out of her arms and pierced the core rapidly. The swift attack also held power, and in a matter of seconds, the machine detonated. The humanoid fell down gracefully and she turned her back to the explosion. The attack, however, ripped the braids apart, leaving the silver hair unadorned and flowing with the wind.

"Wonderful performance, Ω-4! You truly are ready. Now, let us prepare ourselves for the final part."

Is this true? Has the Chancellor been lying to me this whole time?

Rapid footsteps were crushing the leaves underneath Sinclair's feet. His eyes were lost in delusion as he ran.

I can't believe he would do such a thing! How dare he, after all I've done for him!

His panting was heavy and he brandished his weapon, slicing any leaves that fell to his sight.

Wait… Then what Sylvia said was true. I've been nothing but a slave to him! I murdered Luna, and all she was trying to do was open the world's eyes!

He was nearing his destination.

He'll pay… He'll PAY!

"Come, Ω-4. We mustn't delay. We must strike while the iron is still hot."

Ω-4 started to stare at herself in the window's reflection, a first for her. She couldn't see the reflection, and even if she removed her visor, there was no way that she could bear to look at herself. What has she done? Moreover, what was happening to her? Why is she acting this way? Why is she showing compassion?

Sinclair… I'm so sorry to have hurt you…

What is this? These aren't the thoughts of the humanoid before us. Just then, she saw the picture of the wounded Sinclair in the reflection. The visor disappeared and the blood eyes shuddered. The image disappeared before she even got the chance to see it.

Another piece of the shell broke: the shuddering eyes.

"Ω-4, what is delaying you? We must be off, now!"

The senses disappeared and the visor reappeared. All breakage was gone, and the shell seemed to have been repaired.

"Understood. Retaining plan in memory. Shall we be off?"

Okay, where the hell are you, you son of a bitch?

Sinclair was already deep in Rusatania. He had already killed the officers that were ordered by the Chancellor to not let Sinclair in at all. Nothing would stop him. Not rules. Not the Chancellor. Not even his own sister. His eyes were lost in revenge's lust.

Sinclair, where are you right now?

Sylvia stared at the window, looking down on the Library with those sorrowful cherry eyes. Was it right of her to warn Sinclair? Was her claim even true? She hasn't seen the inside of the Palace, so how could she even back it up?

"What have I done? I shouldn't have led Brother on with my false claim. What if the Chancellor is trying to cure Fate?"

She sighed forlornly, but looked on below. There was a sight that she couldn't believe. The Chancellor was bypassing the Library, but behind him was the humanoid. Sylvia couldn't tell who the humanoid was, though, but this concerned her. Who was this person and why is it with the Chancellor?

"Is that…?"

The humanoid gasped.

The Chancellor was shown the sight of Sinclair, panting heavily and his eyes filled with rage. Ω-4 was shuddering violently as she saw her victim alive.

"Y-you're…" was all she could say.

"Ah, you're alive, I see. How have you been faring in the wild?" Cirtain calmly said.

"Shut up!"

The yell silenced the Chancellor. The sky had now turned gray.

"Chancellor, tell me. Why did you drive me out of Rusatania?" Sinclair's voice was calm, yet threatening.

"I told you, we don't need you to interfere with the process of healing Fate—"

"LIAR!" Sinclair bellowed.

The Chancellor was once again muted.

"You aren't healing Fate at all, is that right? It's been two weeks already. Tell me, what progress have you made with her?"

Cirtain was mute and didn't budge.

"So that's it. You haven't been taking care of her at all! Sylvia was right… What have you been doing to Fate?"

So, she has told him. Very well, then.

"You're absolutely right, Sinclair. I'm proud you figured this out by yourself. There was a power within Fate when you encountered her at the Library, the Black Relic. You've seen the power for yourself that day, so I wanted to do something about it. When I took Fate in, I placed her in a holding cell and told her my plan."

"Your plan?" Sinclair shuddered.

"Yes. I plan to use her power to help me conquer the rest of Marvalis so that we can all live in harmony. That is my greatest desire."

Sinclair then stared at the humanoid, which showed no emotion.

"So what's that thing doing here? It attacked me in the Forest!"

"Oh, did she?"


"This 'thing', as you so call it," Cirtain smiled devilishly, "is Fate Reinhart."

Aloud and in his mind, Sinclair yelled, "What?"

"This is Fate, or, Ω-4, as she is called now. Once I finished telling Fate the plan, I injected her with a new concoction our scientists have been working on. It allowed her to transform the Black Relic into this machine, with all of the power harnessed inside. She is the key to my plan, but I find it odd that she attacked you. I didn't program that into her sensors."

"You sick bastard! How could you do that to her? She was so young!"

"But so full of potential, too," Cirtain interrupted. "And as for your banishment, that was just to keep you out of my way. You were one of my strongest soldiers, and if you were to ever meet Fate again, you would rip her apart."

Sinclair's fist tightened. "You're wrong! I didn't want to kill her. I wanted to give her a message from Luna. But, I don't know what her entire message was. Fate, if you're still in there, and forgive me for making this up, but I think Luna would have wanted you to lay her soul to rest. I'm sorry I killed her, and you have to forgive me! I knew nothing back then…"

As Ω-4 heard these words, a part of Fate was touched by these words. However, the current side of her decided to trash those words.

"Well, so far, you're the only obstacle standing in my way. Ω-4, destroy him, and leave no part of him standing."

"Understood. Commencing attack."

No, please don't!

Ω-4 charged at Sinclair, showing no sign of remorse. Sinclair, prepared this time, was able to dodge the first attack and the others that came his way. However, the wound was starting to open and Sinclair felt himself weakening, like his strength was being drained as every second passed. The humanoid leaped back and started to utilize her newest attacks. The dimensional swords started to appear, and Sinclair nimbly dodged them one by one. Ω-4 then started to use her ice daggers, but they were simply deflected by Sinclair's sword. She put her shield up to prevent her from being attacked.

Now Sinclair went on the offensive. He started with straightforward slashes that were blocked by the shield. However, he then started to do technical sweeps, which faltered the humanoid. Why was she weakening? Is Fate trying to break through?

Sylvia was watching the action, but instead of staying in her sanctuary, she decided to go into the action. Her true motive? It was unknown, even to herself.

What is wrong with you, Ω-4? Don't tell me you've gotten soft.

As Cirtain stared at the humanoid, he couldn't help but think that thought. Ω-4 knew it in herself that this wasn't her maximum level of proficiency. She knew in her mind that she would always destroy her mark at the very first sight of it.

So what was wrong with her?

"What are you waiting for, Ω-4? Kill him already!"

At the sound of the command, the humanoid pushed Sinclair away, then concentrated. There was a high amount of energy revolving around the area, halting Sinclair's movement permanently. Ω-4 shot a magical bullet at him and as soon as Sinclair was struck by it, he fell to the ground and was shackled to a magical emblem, reminiscent of the symbol on Ω-4's back.

"You will truly fall by my hands, Sinclair."

Try as he might, Sinclair couldn't escape from the seal. He could only stare helplessly.

"The gods gave me this power for a reason. To lay wrath on my enemies, to satiate my pain, to fulfill my master's desire. May you feel every sting of this cursed magic, and may you never wake from this dream."

High in the air, a demonic purple sword ripped through space and slowly descended on Sinclair. Such fear was slowly shadowing his clear eyes, while the humanoid's eyes couldn't be seen.

"Fate, please don't do this!"

The call shocked everyone, including Sinclair. The trio turned their attention to the call, which came from Sylvia. She had a determined, but fearful stare. Her hand was placed on her heart, and the sword was continuously descending.

"Listen to me! I know you're still in there! Please, find it in your heart to stop this! This isn't the answer!"

The shell was starting to break again, but this time it became more apparent. The sword was shaking violently, and the humanoid started to groan. She grasped her visor and was slowly falling to her knees. With force, she ripped her visor, revealing those dead eyes of woe.

"Wha-what's happening to me…? Sinclair…"

She then stared at herself.

"What have I become? This…this isn't me!"

The groaning intensified, and the eyes vibrated in color and emotion. The sword slowly moved away from Sinclair and the seal was starting to disappear, freeing him.

"No… No…"

The humanoid turned to the Chancellor, with a mixed stare. With a forceful yell, she lashed her arms at him, which, in turn, made the sword rush at his direction. The attack caught him totally off guard, and the sword sliced him in half. The legs toppled down and the torso flew ahead, spilling a long trail of blood and gore. The humanoid continued to groan, the dark energy emanating from her body. Sinclair slowly got up and Sylvia walked closer to him, grasping his arm as she did. In an act of anger and sadness, the humanoid yelled a piercing yell, then fell to the ground.

As she did, the energy was slowly starting to leak from her and her humanoid self was starting to disappear. The arms and legs were slowly becoming humane, but in doing so, they became bare. The silver hair slowly turned into a midnight color and retained its original length. The biggest change was the eyes. Instead of becoming the pure lavender, they became white, indicating neither happiness nor anger. She closed them the second she fell.

"…Fate? Are you back to normal?" Sylvia was the first to utter after a long period of silence.

The comatose body lay like a stone. The soft wind swayed the hair, showing her bare back. There was no symbol, but who knows if the power left for good?

Sinclair winced slightly, and Sylvia nudged him. As if he knew what she was saying, Sinclair declined and slowly walked to the body. The wound was slowly leaking out blood, but that didn't stop him. He kneeled to the body and turned it tenderly. He saw the pure naked body, but he only cared for the face. His mind urged the question: Was she okay?

The sky was releasing its own form of sadness. The rain had now pierced the clouded sky, and all was embraced in its somber. Sinclair removed his jacket and placed it on top of her. As soon as it did, she slowly woke up. The eyes opened slowly and revealed their white crystals to him. In her eyes, though, it was a blurred vision.

"Fate? Are you okay?"

The girl heard those words as if Luna were speaking to her. Slowly, the vision became clear and she saw Sinclair's face.

"Sin…Sinclair?" The scared, pure voice asked.

"Fate? Is that really you?"

Fate quickly got up and embraced Sinclair, the jacket shedding from her body as she did. The girl started to weep softly, but Sinclair couldn't do a thing.

"Sinclair, what happened to me? Everything is a blur…"

Sylvia slowly walked towards them.

"You don't remember anything, Fate? Not even what just happened?"

"A little…"

Sylvia spoke tenderly, "Fate, are you okay?"

The crystal eyes stared at the girl. "Who are you…?"

"I'm Sylvia Zwilland, Sinclair's sister."


In Fate's mind, she envisioned Luna's darling face within Sylvia's. Fate slowly reached out to the image, but it faded quickly. Her body limped a little, but she still stood.

"You really took a beating on yourself, huh? I'm sorry we had to fight, Fate, but it had to be done."

"No, I'm sorry, Sinclair."

Fate let go of the embrace and walked ahead, forever showing her back to the siblings. The rain was now falling at a steadier rate, as if it was washing the away the pain inside Fate.

"I've been nothing but trouble for you and your sister. I was just so caught up on avenging my sister's death that I was blind to reality." She turned to the corpse. "And the Chancellor took that for granted and used me as a weapon of destruction. I knew it was wrong, and as I was in that unconscious state, I wanted to fight back, but this robotic side of me completely took over me. When I attacked you, Sinclair, I regretted it the second I did it. Your blood that splashed on me, I wanted to get rid of it immediately. And your words, I wanted to keep them dear to me, but again, this robot forbade it. Sylvia, even though I met you just now, you were a great help, too. I wish there was something I could do to repay you."

Sylvia spoke cautiously, "You can. I can help you try to get rid of the Black Relic."

Without looking back, Fate shook her head.

"I appreciate the help, but…it's still in me. I can feel it in my stomach. I can't live in this world any longer. If all I can do is torment innocent souls, then I'm not human. Then again, when was I ever one? It's for the best if I leave this world. The only way I can do that is—"

Fate saw herself disappearing as white particles left her body. She sighed contently.

"This is the only way, isn't it? My body is trying to tell me that it's getting rid of the Relic, but in doing so, I need to sacrifice my life. I'll let it do just that."

"Fate, you don't have to do this!" Sinclair yelled.

"I have to!"

As Fate yelled, she shut her eyes.

"Don't you see, Sinclair? This is the only way! In return, you will all live peacefully without this shadow looming over you. Also, I want to be with Luna. She misses me dearly, and I miss her. I'll leave you something to remember me by, but you have to promise me something, Sinclair."

The next words were spoken tenderly, making a new side of Sinclair show itself.

"What, Fate?"

The girl slowly turned her head, which was close to dissipating completely along with her persona. The last image Sinclair saw of her was a kind smile and that soft stare.

"Keep the memento dear to you and never lose sight of it."

Fate was almost gone from this world, but she had one more thing to say.

I love you.

At the end of the statement, she was gone completely. The rain made the remaining particles disappear into nothingness. In Fate's place was the pendant she wore in the past. It pulsed with a white light, and Sinclair picked it up. Seeing the tear made him tear up, as well.

I will, Fate. For you.

A burst of pain shot within and Sinclair fell to his knees. Sylvia rushed to him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Sinclair, let me treat your wounds."


Sylvia slowly brought Sinclair up, making sure that Sinclair's wound didn't open up more than it did. All Sinclair was smile as he used Sylvia's shoulders to balance himself. As the pair walked back to their home, Sinclair continuously stared at the pendant. As he held it, he could feel its warmth entering his body. It was as if Fate was telling him to not miss her dearly.

November 20, 3XXX

More than a month has passed since the incident occurred. A new Chancellor was elected, Isaiah Tileza, and he was currently known as the most beneficial Chancellor throughout Rusatania. He knew of Cirtain, and thus, returned Sinclair's duties to him. Sinclair was elated to return to the force, but instead of fighting for the Chancellor, he fought for a different cause. He fought for the Reinhart sisters and for the safety of everyone who was in need of help. His proof? He wore Fate's pendant around his neck whenever he went on a mission. He felt a bit stronger wearing it, but it was in bravery, not strength.

Sylvia was glad to have met Fate, even if it was for an instant. She could see the troubles of the girl of cursed fate, and wanted to help as much as she could, but Fate made her decision. Sylvia was really glad to have her dear brother next to her for another year, and possibly more. Since she was now skilled in the healing arts, she joined the Heal Corps, a clan that aided the Black Justice, the group Sinclair was in. She was lucky that she was in Sinclair's group.

The Black Relic hasn't been seen in a long time, but at least the only two victims, Luna and Fate Reinhart, now live in peace, unknowingly making the world a better place.