Come take a walk with me…

Out in the sun that dances in the sky.

Walk with me till the moon comes up

And whisper long lost secrets in my ear

Tell me stories of the days before war

Before hate ate away at us

Before I lost my way in this big world…

That you and I live in…

I look around and hear the churches ring

Their cry sounded so sweet on innocent ears

But now that I'm older you tell me

You tell me stories of terrible pasts

On buildings stronger then steel

Crashing down before our eyes

Of countries held in poverty

By greedy leaders out for blood

Or underground groups

Setting out to cause the acts that make us weep

Why I ask? Why must things end so badly?

Why must the sun set?

The rainbows fade?

Our faces lost in the past.

I want you to hold me

Lift in your eyes and swirl me round

Like when I was small and you were the biggest person alive.

Make these nightmares we live in disappear

Let me hold your hand

Tell of the greats

The people who had dreams

The people who stood up in bravery

The people I call family

Because in this ancient world of ours…

I'd like to wander coast to coast

And whisper rays of hope to those who have lost theirs

I want to cast away the sins of evil

Bring in the hope we lost as children

Forget the lies we are told

And play in the ashes of the future no one wants

Walk beside the ghosts, hand-in-hand

And tell them hushed regrets

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry

That I lost you

My perfect strangers

Who were taken in vain

For purposes you were not created for

Please, Please hear me

When I say I'm sorry

I will never forget you

Who you were

Who you are

Wherever you may be

Because to me

You're the angels I can't see

So please…

Come take a walk with me.