The dust may have settled

But the screams that day

Echo around the world

Fresh tears on this mournful day

People lost

Lives lost

I'm lost

Apologies are made

Speeches are made

Tributes made

Yet what can you say?

They are fallen heroes

In an act of sin

I salute them

Brave people who never grew old

I may be thousands of miles away

But that day…

This day

Sends shivers down my spine

My sobs held in my throat

Those perfect strangers

How I long to hug them

The people left behind

With the What-ifs

With the goodbyes

With the absence

Nothing we can say

Nothing we could ever do

Could fill their hole

Could replace what was lost

Could change what happened

I know there are evils in this world

But please stay strong

I'm so sorry

That you lost

What you can never find

I wish there was something

Anything I could do

To help you find peace

Rest In Peace

To all those who fell on this terrible day

To the families and victims of 9/11

I am sorry for your lost

From your neighbour in the UK

Who loves you all…

RIP xx