11th Sept 2011 Warfare

I never meant forgiveness

When I stood there all alone

And faced down all the devils

That dared to threaten home

And I never meant compassion

When I saw a soldier fall

Instead the gun reloaded

And I blasted at them all

I, Sunday rules discarded

When faggots laid to fire

With the women, children

Encased in funeral pyre

The hell unleashed upon us

Uncalled for, not deserved

Although who governs calls us

Demands our country served

'Tis they who ought to suffer

Encased within that flame

For treacherous and bloody

They put us all to shame

We the country people

But poor folk, and quite plain

Did never ask for madness

Nor ever ask for pain

Blinded by loyal duty

Our country seemed to call

And we came out in our thousands

And so in thousands fall

But not for German troubles

And not for Afghan's spoil

Did we enslave our bodies

And souls for grevious toil

Our blood a precious substance

We spill upon the ground

And yet those who command us

Are traitors all around

For money, and for power

Not patriotic good

They call us to the slaughter

And grasping what they could

Leave the country barren

And the city torn

Thus heralding the darkness

That marks a bloody morn

Like vultures to the carrion

A hyena to the feast

The bankers claim the profits

And leave the slaves deceased