Tears stain my eyes
As my lips mouthed the word "goodbye"
Memories that I've tried so hard to hide
Breaks free and flies

Though life is short
My pain is long
The smile stuck on my face does nothing
But berates and retorts

Selfishness overcame logic
And I beg and beg, for a chance
To be free; a chance I'll never get
As I drifted along, nostalgic

Reminiscing, realizing
That the world was never mine
Or maybe I've tuned it out... Thanks to him and her
And all the hurting

I step aside, it's time to cede
To let go of this misery, hatred, and loneliness
Trying and striving, has gotten me nowhere
Constantly crying; tears will cease

My heart forgives,
Mind emptied
I'd bid it all farewell
No longer had I a reason to live

Eyes closed
Tears dried
My lips mouth the word: goodbye