A shot poem in honor of 9/11.

This World:

It's sad how in this world,

We can all stand and look at the same star,

And never see eye to eye,

We can look at the same sun,

Shining down upon us,

And never feel for the people hurting across the sea.

It's sad how people,

Can cause other's so much pain,

And never feel it themselves,

While they hear of what goes on,

They celebrate because of what they did,

While fire rains down upon America,

Confetti rains down somewhere else,

Where no pain is felt in that moment,

While in America towers collapse upon innocent souls,

And the innocent die in ways that we will never forget,

While the guilty live.

The laugh and scorn us,

A once proud country,

Brought to their knees,

They think they broke us,

But we fight back,

And they feel our pain,

The revenge behind the angry bullets,

And bombs dropped from the sky.

They realize we are on our feet again,

And maybe one day they'll learn to regret.

Maybe they finally did,

When the al-Qaeda leader raised his hands,

With a plea to live,

Maybe he finally did regret,

Or maybe he was just afraid of death,

Either way,

Closure came,

When shots rang out,

And the guilty fell.

After ten long years of running,

The cat caught the sly mouse,

And the tides were turned once again-

Sadly that's just the way it is-

The innocent die,

And the guilty live.