I hated this. The time, when everybody was running around and asking other people to go to the prom with them. Four years of school for that craziness.

Not that I wasn't going to go to the prom. I was going with a guy that I had a mayor crush on since the first time we met. I already had the dress. No, I wasn't some dumb blonde who bought a dress a few weeks before the prom, but the dress was from my cousin and I decided to wear it, because I really didn't want to waste my time on buying a dress for one dumb dance.

"Hello, Anna, will you ..." "No, I won't go to the prom with you, Jake, I'm going with Mike. I already told you that," I cut off one of the most popular guys in school, Jake Alexander Gibson. He was trying to ask me to the prom for a few weeks now. He didn't want to go with me, because I was popular, because I wasn't. Everybody knew me just because I was one of the most 'evil' girls in the school. I always shut somebody's mouth, wether he or she wanted to say something important or not.

I knew Jake was trying to take to the prom just because a stupid bet. At least, that was my only idea, why was he bothering with me, when he could have every other girl he wanted.

"Um, I just wanted to ask you, if you would give this to mister Jones. Coach wants me to train for the final game next week, but I really need to give this to him. It will raise my grade in English," said Jake and gave me a paper. I felt stupid. I took the paper and looked at it.

"Oh, a story. I didn't know you write," I said and looked at Jake.

"It's some kind of poem and I don't, but this was the only way to raise my grade," Jake blushed.

"Why did you give this to me?" I asked again and studied every Jake's move. "You could give this to anyone in our English class."

"Yeah, but you are the only one, who will read it and correct it," Jake mumbled and looked down. I smiled to myself. That was another thing, why I was well known in school. I love to write and when anybody gave me a story, I always read it and corrected it. This brings everyone a better grade.

I looked at Jake. Man, he was so cute. He had messy blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn't know, why did I reject him, when he asked me to the prom ... Oh, wait, I knew two completely good reasons. One, he was the biggest jerk in the school and he went out with every girl in the school. Well, almost every girl. He will never get me to date him, even though he was trying that from the beginning of this school year. Two, I already have a date to the prom.

"OK, I will," I said finally.

"Yes," he exclaimed happily. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," I sighed and went in the direction of my English class. I read the story-poem on the way. It was very good. There was no need to correct it.

"Hello, mister Jones," I said. "This is from Jake A. Smith. He has to practice football for the big game next week."

"All right, miss Watson. Did you read it?" asked mister Jones. I nodded.

"It's better than I excepted. You can give him a straight A right away, but I recommend you to read it first," I said.

"Thank you, miss Watson," said the teacher.

When all the students finally gathered in the class, teacher ordered them to read a short version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, when Jake came in.

"Sorry I'm late teacher, but I should have soccer practice, but it was canceled. Apparently, coach Rogers can't coach with a broken leg," he said. I muffled the laughter. Jake always had some kinds of ridiculous remarks that always made me laugh.

"It's okay," said mister Jones. "I got your poem and I just finished reading. Like Anastasia said, it really is good."

"Oh, she said it was good?" asked Jake with a wide grin as he looked at me. He and everyone else knew that I never give compliments about anyone's writing.

"Well, I guess I was surprised because of your writing ability. I didn't even know, that you know what a rhyme is," I defended myself to hide the blush.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Annie," chuckled Jake quietly as he went pass me to his sit behind me. Then he tapped my shoulder. "What are we reading?" he asked in a whisper.

"I'm not gonna tell you. I was kind enough to you for one day," I said.

"When were you kind?" he asked, confused.

"When I complimented your work for your better grade," I said.

"So ... That means you kinda like me," he grinned and even if I didn't turned to see him, I knew he raised a brow and smiled his most charming smile. I rolled my eyes, but didn't say a thing.

"Well, you didn't deny it, so it must be ..." "Would you, please, shut the hell up?" I cut him of angrily in a whisper, so I didn't bother anyone, when I turned around and squeezed his nose with my thumb and index finger. "The answer is no. I most certainly do not like you."

"OK, OK, can you please let go of my nose?" he asked. I let go and turned around. I couldn't wait for the school to be over. When I go to college I won't have to put up with this jerk any longer. Even now I wanted to take my father's police gun and kill him in his sleep.

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