The Red Spider

Helena watched the dark red spider crawl up from her belly to her breast. She smiled as she looked in to its black and beady eyes. She loved the spider's reflective eyes and abnormal size, it really was a beautiful creature. In some way it spoke to her with its eyes and with her own eyes she tried to speak back.

She sat on the cold and wet floor, naked and bleeding. Somehow she began to feel happiness, the spider was a savior of sorts. A friend that came to her in this lonely place, "Where did you come from?" Helena asked the spider, making sure not to turn her eyes a way from it. From its eyes she assumed it was saying it lived in the room.

"You should probably have a name, and I've always liked the name Ezra." Helena said to the spider. Judging by his eyes it seemed he liked the name as well.

Ezra crawled from her breast and down to her leg. He seemed to be observing the blood between her legs. It was coming out slowly but Helena had been in the room so long the blood had formed a puddle around her. "The woman that put me here forced something sharp inside me. Now it just won't stop..," Helena said sadly, tears streaking down her cheeks. "It just won't stop bleeding." The spider went from her leg and in to the puddle of blood.

"Have you seen her before?" Helena asked. The spider seemed to only be focused on the blood and ignored the question.

"Please Ezra, let me see your eyes." the girl cried but he stood completely still in the blood.

"Why does the blood interest you so much?!" she asked him desperately.

Ezra took one glance at her and then he turned away. Her savior was leaving her behind, her whole body shivered violently and her tears blurred her eyes. How could he simply walk away from her?! Helena had truly thought of the spider as her friend and savior.

With great effort she pushed herself up from the floor. When she was up her body immediately exploded in pain. She could see him in front of her, the room was very large. Each step she took was more and more painful, it seemed like she was following him for miles.

Unable to go any longer she fell to the floor, her knees hit the concrete sending a shock of pain throughout her body. Helena screamed out in agony, holding out her hand and trying to call out for her beloved Ezra.

And finally he came, she cried out in both joy and pain. To her delight he crawled up to her chest. "Please don't leave me again" she said, as she looked around the room. It was impossible to get a full view of the room from where she was. Could someone or something else be in here?

Helena realized that the only thing that mattered was Ezra and nothing more. She then began to feel a warmth around her legs. The girl looked down and saw a pool of blood forming around it, not all of it came from her it was appearing way to fast. It formed around, coming from an unknown source.

"Ezra's something's wrong" she said, her legs were now sinking in to the blood. It formed a circle around her, melting in to the floor. The blood was pulling her in deeper, clinging to her flesh soothingly.

Ezra stood completely still awaiting his own engulfment. He wanted to drown in the blood with the young girl, where they would love each other even in death.

"Is this suppose to happen?" Helena asked gently, a loving smile forming across her face. She sunk in even deeper. "We can be together now, can't we? This is how we escape"

Yes it was their escape. The red spider had finally found the blood he needed. Helena's blood was what would free him from this world and he would have her with him, forever. Finally the blood had reached her breasts and Ezra's body became halfway covered.

Helena closed her eyes arching her neck and back with pleasure. She let the blood slowly engulf her, a smile of pure happiness that would forever be upon her face.