"Being a writer is much like being a magician. You can't give away your secrets." ~ Penmaster51. Written September 2011.

I fought so hard for you
Now you're slipping through my fingers
Just like sand right through a sieve.

And right when I thought things
Were back to how they used to be,
Now I don't know what to believe.

My hands and feet have been tied up,
My mouth's been silently taped shut.
But they've forgotten my blindfold.

And as much as it pains me
To kick and squirm and try to scream,
It's hardest watching this all unfold.

And it really makes me wonder -

Were you ever worth the fight?
Was my decision to keep holding on
Wrong, or was it right?

Were the tears I cried for you
Worth a minute of your time?
Or, an even better question,
Worth a second of mine?

Did you value our friendship
As much as I always did?
Did you fight back the same feelings
That, 'til now, I always hid?

If you did, then let me know
Before you listen to her lies
Before she has you in her grasp
And cloaks the truth with thieving eyes.

Tell me please, before I drown
And kiss our memories goodbye.
Before the darkness pulls me down
And you're so clueless as to why.

Before her lies become "the truth"
And the truth becomes her lies
Before everything we once were
Turns to failure in your eyes.