I wrote this a few days before 9/11, but I knew it would be more fitting to post it on this day. This is to the people who died in the planes, in the towers, the rescue workers, and any innocent person we may have lost.

No one knew how wrong it would all go on that day.

No one knew how long it would take for the pain to go away.

We watched from all over America, shocked and terrified.

Horror across the country, our hearts stilled as we cried.

The families of the lost, I can't imagine their pain.

As they relive the horror, again and again and again.

We prayed for your safety, our hands clapsed together.

We'll remember that day for the rest of forever.

Our prayers and hopes, they wre cracked and smashed.

As we watched with horror as those planes crashed.

What were you thinking, what did you see?

Were you thinking of who you were, and who you'd never be?

Were you saying your goodbyes to your family and friends?

Were you praying to God to grant you quick ends?

Were you wishing for the safety of your husbands and wives?

Hoping to watch over their continueing lives?

Anger swept our country, but so did grief.

We didn't understand, and we couldn't believe.

But then from the ashes, there rose something more.

Our people were more unified then ever before.

All across our mourning land,

We joined in our hearts, souls and hands.

They thought by attacking, we'd fall and be broken.

But following that day, our people have spoken.

We stood together, and our flags were raised.

We're still land of the free,

Still home of the brave.

Never Forget- 9/11