3000 lives were lost that day

3000 families were broken apart

3000 people without delay

Were murdered out of hatred for you and me

On September 11, 2001

19 people hijacked a plane

And changed America forever

On that day of infamy

Firefighters, policemen,

Civilians too

Thought of nothing else but

Helping this country to get through

We all in our own

Special way

Gave a helping hand

To the people that day

Twin towers Pentagon

Shanksville, Pa

All were affected

by the events of that day

Today 10 years later we honor you all

The brave,

The courageous,

The self-less that had to fall

You gave up yours lives

Too early on

You're lives were taken

But you live on

You live on in the hearts

Of the millions that stand

Ready to be strong and

hold out their hands

We hold out our hands

To the sad and the weak

So we are never alone

Any day of the week

We are all ready

If need be

To rise up again

And give America the strength that people see

Like the mighty phoenix

we rise from the dust

And give each other our

strength with open hearts

So on this day 10 years later

We say a few words

You must always remember

Never Forget Spetember 11

In the year 2001

When started out as individuals

And ended as one