The Desert of Eternity

As I walk in the dark vast fields

Something haunts me, and I don't know

I then come upon a strange cave

That's in the middle of nowhere

I say "An odd place for a cave"

Something was beckoning me in

Slowly, I walked inside the cave

The thing still trying to coax me

On and on I kept on going

It was dark, but I could still see

At the end, I could not believe

What I was seeing then was real

There was sand, and it was windy

The sky was dark, and so was I

I knew then there was no way back

For I had made a big mistake

I turned round, the cave was not there

I turned in a circle, nothing

Nothing but dunes and wind and clouds

And the sands of Eternity

I hear the whispers of those sands

And as I listen quite closely

I hear an ancient voice within

A majestic rumbling voice

At first, I could not understand

But then, I heard the great voice say

"My daughter, look round and round you

At the shifting deserts of time

You are to be my advisor

Forever and always, and ever"

The swirling sands grew huge and loud

They assumed forms, forms of people

They opened their mouths, and chanted

And this is what they said

The words were in another tongue



A big throbbing drum boomed loudly

And the men of sand kept chanting

And then I heard 2 new lines

"Athair ar nearmh, dia linn

Athair ar nearmh, dia liom"

The Song of Time continued on

Booming and throbbing, loud and not

Then, I heard even more new lines

"Omem crede

Diem tibi



They resumed their previous lines

Livelier than it was before.

I was lifted up, my eyes glowed

With the great energies of Time

The song grew even louder yet

And, screaming, I was torn apart

And joined the sweeping force of Time

Now I sit here, with Time itself

With pen and paper, I begin

To write about my admission

Into the Sentinels of Time

And the sweeping saga of It

Credits to Enya's Pax Deorum song for Song of Time lyrics. In fact, she inspired this one. R&R plz!