Rains Upon A Pond

As I walk along

Through the verdant green trees

The rain goes pit pat

On the wild glorious plants

I feel at peace here

Away from the loud cities

And alone right here

With the sounds of the jungle

And nature itself

I come upon a small pond

With waters as clear,

Pristine, and tinkling as

Nature intended

I looked at my reflection

And the wonderful

Gray skies of hydrating rains

Suddenly, a drop

A huge drop breaks the surface

Plop! Ripples spread round

Distortion swirls the colors

Of green, gray, yellow

Wait a minute, why yellow?

The sky is clearing

The rain has ceased to fall down

The last ripples spread

The last pit pat on the leaves

And the first light beams

Of beautiful bright sunlight

The clouds float away

The sky clears and reveals blue

And then as I leave

I wonder, wonder, wonder

When the next day comes

Will those rains come again? Thoseā€¦

Rains upon a pond?