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For Better or for Worse: Chapter 1

Ok, so maybe taking that long of a flight was a bad idea…motion sickness, puking…ug… but, yeah, losing half of my organs did prove to be worth it. Crawley, England was a quaint little town with beautiful country sides and streets filled with little shops and galleries with a large motel I the center of town, absolutely breath taking. When I got to the closest atm machine, I withdrawled around £1500 and headed for the hotel in the middle of town, 'The St. Vander's Hotel and Suites'.

Tony's PoV

"Tony Carder please report to the office, Tony Carder please report to the office, thank you." our secretary said over the intercom. Naturally, everyone in the class turns in my direction.

"Well, Mr. Carder, what have you done now?" my teacher said as I closed my Algebra Honors book and headed for the door.

"Like I know." I snapped.

Probly that stupid idiot from athletics that I tackled the other day, probly thinks I sacked him too hard…

I got to the school's main office sooner than I thought and was welcomed by the principal and some new girl.

Blonde hair and…purple eyes?…odd…pretty good lookin' actually…maybe she's single…

"Sorry to interrupt your class, Mr. Carder, but we need a favor of you." the old, wrinkled secretary said. My eyes widened.

"And wot mih' tha be?" I asked.

"I need you to look after her." she replied, pointing at the girl, "She has all the same classes at the same time so, make sure she gets where she needs to be."

"Ma'am, that wont be necessary! I can-"

"Oh, nonsense! He will show you around until you are used to this school." the secretary snapped. The girl sighed and looked to me, giving me a little half smile. God, her eyes were beautiful…I couldn't look away until the secretary shooed us back to our class. Out in the hallway I got up the courage and finally spoke to her.

"Uhh…Hi, may name's Tony Carder, wot's yours?"

"Samandra, Samandra Jameson, but you can call me Sam." she replied and I stuck my hand out for her to shake and she did.

"From America are ya?" I said wif a small smirk that make her blush. [I've always had a way wif women. ;)]

"Ya, I'm actually 100 percent Brit, but my family moved to America after I was born"

"Oh, so where were ya born, then?"

"Here, in Crawley. But, my father said he wanted to give the states a visit, and that visit turned into a lifetime home."

"Until now."

"Umm, well…not for me, my parents died along with my siblings about five years ago and I've been with a foster family since then, I eventually got tired of them and left. And that's why I'm here now." she said, I gave her a surprised look.

"You ran away?"

"Yeah, it felt good too, to be rid of them, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, yeah I do." I said wif a smile, she smiled back.

"Umm, so where is this class? We've been walking for a while now…"

"Oh, Algebra? Yeah we passed that up a long time ago, oh well. So, I hope you like random British guys, cuz that describes almost everyone here! But, most importantly, are you single?"

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