Author's Note: I'm writing a lot today in honor of 9/11. I'm a really proud American and I want to honor everyone who died. I remember that day, I was around four years old, I remember seeing it on the TV, the buildings crashing upon innocent people, and then I remember the terrorist who organized it all, and I wonder how a man can be so cruel and still be made in God's image.

How Dare You:

It's ironic I think,

That you; a grown man,

Who killed thousands of innocent people,

Can beg for mercy,

And believe you deserve it.

I wonder if you felt,

The slightest bit of guilt,

When you saw two proud towers come crashing down,

Trapping thousands of innocents in their depth?

Or did you feel as if,

You could finally walk on your feet?

And when you saw,

A plane get driven into the ground,

Meek passengers that became heroes,

Did you get angry because your men had failed?

Because they had missed the targets when you had planned it all out so well?

Or when you saw a single plane,

Dive into a place with five points,

That soon to became four,

Did you even feel a little bid sad?

Or did you feel as if you could finally hold up your chin?

Did you laugh with scorn,

As a proud country,

Was brought down to its knees,

Did you even think for a moment,

That you had achieved victory?

Now I ask,

How dare you?

How dare you beg for mercy when you have shown none yourself.

How dare you try and make a women take those bullets instead.

Let me tell you something,

You are a coward to think for even a small moment that those deeds were right.

Let me ask you,

When you fell to your knees,

Like a strong country did,

Did you feel the pain that all those thousands did?

Did you feel the slightest bit guilty for all you have done?

Or did you still think that you had won?

Now let me tell you something instead,

A true man would stand up with even the lightest scrap of pride,

And take his punishment with stride,

Only a coward would run and hide,

I guess that explains all this though,

You're a coward.

So now let me ask you again,

How dare you?