Gwendolyn was sick of watching the traitors. It had been a year since he had been sent on his mission to execute the runaways, but he decided he'd take up the laborious task of observing them.

He came up with the idea upon seeing the eldest runaway, a handsome and filled out man. His eyes were bright green, something a head family member would rarely see. It had... tempted him to stray from the mission. After all, maybe his research would prove that the man would be a useful pet. If nothing, his overseer wouldn't mind another hand around the house. Plus, she always had a taste for strong Branch men.

A year had gone by slowly, too slowly. It had become dul watching the man get up, dressing. He watched him as the traitor doted on his brother, despite the brat's annoyingly ungrateful attitude. It made his mind burn, tendrils of his power threatening to wrench the boy's brain apart in a moment's notice. He didn't, though, just watching.

He watched and watched, and his hateful lust grew with every day. Gwen just wanted to teach the man what being a Branch member meant. To be bent and to serve. They were nothing but lowly puppets, meat shields to protect the important members of his race. It had been that way since the first of their kind was born, and that's how it would be until they were all erased.

Finally, after another morning of rising and watching the man get out of bed, he had had enough. Gwen walked up to his door, dressed in his finest suit. He knocked on the door and waited for the younger sibling to answer.

"Hello?" the one called Riley asked, the same green eyes staring up at him with distrust. He covered up the mouth on his forehead every day. It made him sick.

Gwen grabbed the boy by his throat using his psionics, crushing his windpipe as his tendrils snaked into his head and tore his brain to shreds. There was a whimpering choke and the boy dropped to the ground, useless and bloody. Just like any other bad pet.

The brother, Dietrich, had sensed him by now. He ran down the stairs, his mouth hissing and spitting as if it could help him any. The stomach growled, and opened, but Gwen knew better. Branch members' stomachs could never hope to absorb a Head descendent. He smiled and approached the man, throwing him up against the wall without moving a finger.

Dietrich looked up at him, fear glowing in his eyes as the man sat upon him, smirking as the stomach opened, its long tongues trying desperately to engulf him.

"Good, good," he whispered as his tendrils wrapped around them before tearing them out of the man's body. He screamed out in pain, blood coating the white haired man who laughed in amusement.

"Does it hurt? It's a lot gentler than I had planned, but I can fix that," he said. His powers held the animal down, pinning him to the ground. He made sure to brush the hair out of his eyes, wanting to stare t their inferior jade colour as he fucked him.

And it was hours later until the man finally broke, laying beneath him. His eyes were glazed, face bloody and broken. He was genuinely gorgeous then, knowing his place now. Gwen smiled as he forced the man to his feet.

He really did make a great pet. Just like all the others he was mute, brushed Gwendolyn's hair and mussed it into perfection. He followed him to all his meetings and had his hot drink and cigarette waiting for him with his bath.

The only thing was, that Gwen still saw that glimmer of hatred in his eyes.

He was sure that one day he'd beat it out of him.