Those three simple words
The ease with which you said them,
And you had me.

From then on,
I saw you more clearly,
Held you more dearly,
And I was plainly and simply
Quite happy
The words you said
Had never held more true
Till the way you said it
The way you said,
"I love you…"

I believed you,
Did you know?
Because, words?
They can mean a little
They can mean a lot
Especially when those words
Concern matters of the heart.

You stood there, smiling
Smiling at ME
And I couldn't help
But smile back…

The feeling was mutual,
Even you knew that
So, before my heart
Could pound any faster
And my face
Could turn any redder,
I admitted it,
"I, too, love you…"

YOU said it first!
So, why is it
That, months later
I stand here alone…
On the floor
Lay my heart,
Torn into pieces,
SMASHED beyond repair,
But, quite simply:
Broken completely apart..?

© HalfPast12

1st November 2010

12:35 A.M