AN: Well, this is the last chapter. I may do some oneshots with these characters in the future. I may, but as of right this very moment, I have nothing planned. Anyway, you have two couples for the price of one in this chapter, so I hope you'll enjoy~

Chapter 6:

"Why are you making Taras take care of Jensen?"

Looking up from his book he was attempting to read at his desk, Kagen levelled his gaze on the blonde that was sitting on the end of his bed. After getting Taras inside with the order that he cater to Jensen's every need, Kagen had retired to his room upstairs, and Makis had followed.

Kagen leaned back in his seat and folded his arms over his torso as he mulled over Makis's question. It was a responsible question, even though he completely ignored it when Jensen asked him, he decided it wouldn't be a bad thing to tell Makis the truth.

Finally, he shrugged lightly. "It's his fault that Jensen's injured," he stated. "He needs to learn some responsibility."

He then turned away to gaze out the window, not wanting Makis to note the whimsical, almost fond expression on his face.

"Besides, I think they'll be good for each other," he admitted softly. "Taras is reckless, but he's also outgoing. Jensen is flighty, but he has a vulnerable side to him. And when Taras realises that, he'll do anything to ensure that Jensen comes to know that a touch doesn't equal pain."

That was the type of person Taras was, inside. They had been friends since childhood, so Kagen knew him better than anyone. In fact, all that lived in this house with him were friends from childhood. He would do anything for them and he knew they would do the same for him. Even though they get into fights a lot and Taras and Bialy could exasperate him like nothing else. But what family didn't have those problems?

Makis was silent after his admittance, before a gentle smile spread across his lips. "I see, so you're doing it for the both of them. You're so nice."

Kagen couldn't help but scoff a little as he climbed from his seat to walk over to his window, looking out at the night sky. "No, I'm not," he said softly, his arms still folded over his torso.

Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him and as he turned around, he found himself face to face with Makis.

"Yes, you are," Makis said in a surprisingly husky voice, his hands moving up to grip Kagen by the upper arms, pulling him closer, their bodies touching. Makis's eyes were half-lidded while Kagen's were wide in surprise. His usual blade sharp instincts of fight or flight failed him and all he could do was stare into Makis's blue eyes.

"M-Makis…?" Kagen uncharacteristically stuttered. He was usually the prince of calm and patience, but how could he with the one guy who could make him feel edgy suddenly pulled him into his arms.

But that was nothing compared to the shock Kagen felt when Makis suddenly lowered his head and pressed their lips together, kissing him. After a moment of stillness, Kagen finally closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Makis, his hands resting against his shoulder blades, his hands grasping tightly onto his shirt. As Makis's hands slid around his back, trailing down to rests on the very small of his back Kagen parted his lips, allowing Makis's tongue to seek his.

Maybe the blond wasn't so dense and oblivious after all.

"Wow," an obnoxious whistle caused Makis and Kagen to spring apart, their attentions immediately diverted to the doorway, where none other than Taras was standing, Jensen on his back, piggy-back style. And Jensen, well he was sporting a blush that was as red as Taras's hair.

"Talk about copping an eyeful," Taras stated with a pervy grin. God's knows how long he had been standing there. "Want me to put up a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door? You guys will totally need one."

Kagen lowered his head, hiding the light blush that had adorned his cheeks with his hair and he twitched. "Taras…" he said his name slowly and very, very threateningly. "I suggest you get out."

"Why?" Taras whined, pouting obnoxiously. "It was starting to get good."

With his hair covering his eyes, Kagen said nothing as he walked over to his desk and pulled out a pair of Tonfa's, wielding the nightsticks with the grace of an expect. And he was walking slowly over to them; very slowly, each step precise and menacing.

Taras stiffened while Jensen flailed. "Wah! Wait, I'm here too!"

"Che," Kagen muttered, his eye hidden ominously as he lifted the Tonfa's in an attacking position. "Then you better learn to duck."

Taras did the smartest thing anyone would have done in such a situation; he turn and ran, Jensen on his back and clinging onto his neck acting as no hindrance whatsoever. He ducked into a vacant room and slammed the door shut behind him, locking it securely. Then, they waited with baited breath, Taras going as far as to press his ear against the door. When he didn't hear a thing, he released a sigh of relief before they quickly turned into chuckles of amusement.

"Kagen and Makis, huh?" Taras commented as he walked over to the bed. "How cute."

"Do you want Kagen to beat the shit out of you?" Jensen asked as Taras finally released his hold on him.

"He's just so much fun to rile up," Taras explained, acting as though it was a guilty hobby of his.

Jensen had no retort, so simply snorted and scooted away from the redhead the moment he released him, folding his arms over his chest and eyeing him off warily. He had to admit, though, seeing Kagen kissing Makis surprised him a little. He had the reputation of being untouchable.

Ah, well, that was regarding his status as a martial artist. Clearly, after seeing the two of them together, it didn't…ahem.

Quite suddenly, Taras leaned forward and poked him on the cheek. It wasn't a hard or harsh poke, but it did startle him and Jensen jumped slightly before scurrying away. "What was that for?" he asked with a sense of irritation as he held his cheek with his hand.

"You don't like to be touch, do ya?" Taras stated more so than asked.

Still rubbing his cheek, Jensen gave him another one of his glares. "If someone is trying to touch you, then it means they're trying to hurt you. It's the same with any martial art."

"But not every touch equals pain," Taras said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, impeccably close to him and took Jensen's chin into his hand in a surprisingly soft grip. "See? Am I hurting you?"

Jensen winced a little from the touch, but he made no conscious effort to push away. He could feel a blush make its way onto his cheeks when he found that he could really do nothing but look into Taras's gentle blue eyes.

Strange, he didn't notice before but they were as blue as the sky at midday.

"…I still don't like it," Jensen muttered after a moment of silence.

Taras arched an eyebrow. "What about this?" he asked before he suddenly let go of his chin and ran his fingers gently through his hair, twirling a loose strand around his fingers.

The flush on Jensen face immediately darkened and he let out a tiny whimper that sounded all too much like a cat's meow. "Nya!"

"There's that cute little sound again," Taras said with an amused tone, shuffling closer so their bodies were also touching. "It's adorable."

Jensen so badly wanted to bat away his hand from petting his hair, but instead he leaned into it, letting out a satisfied purr. "S-stop it!"

"You don't really want me to stop, do you?" Taras said as he slipped his hand around to the back of his head, making him lean forward so that he was sprawled out across his lap…yes, just like a damn cat. "You actually like this."

Jensen said nothing as he pressed his face into Taras's thigh in attempt to lower the raging blush on his cheeks.

"Hey, it's ok," Taras chuckled as he shifted on the bed, making Jensen roll onto his back, his head resting on Taras's lap, looking straight up at him. "There's nothing wrong with indulging in something that gives you pleasure, right?"

"…I suppose so," Jensen admitted softly, with a pout on his lips.

Taras threaded his fingers through Jensen's hair slowly, starting at the base of his neck and moving to the back of his head, gently massaging his scalp with his fingertips. Jensen was lulled by the action and felt his eyes droop. He felt relaxed, a state he hadn't experienced in such a long time.

Then, something touched his lips and his eyes shot open, only to find himself staring into Taras's face, his eyes closed as he kissed him. Jensen's first mental instinct was to kick him off, lunge for his katana and beat the shit out of him for doing something like that. However, his traitorous body had other plans and he stayed submissive, allowing Taras to deepen the kiss, his eyes falling close once again. They stayed like this for a while, Taras gently nudging his lips against his, and Jensen timidly returning the actions.

Slowly, Taras pulled away from him and Jensen opened his eyes. He half expected to see Taras leaning over him with a triumphant smirk on his lips; instead he looked sincere as he smiled gently down at him.

"See?" he said. "Not all touches hurt."

Jensen had to admit that he had a point. That didn't hurt. It was nice, actually.

"I don't know," Jensen said after a moment, turning his head to the side in order to avoid Taras's eyes, and to hide the raging blush he knew was on his cheeks. "It didn't seem to hurt, but I might need some more prompting."

He couldn't believe he actually said that.

But when he felt Taras cup his cheek, turning his face toward his and kissing him again, he quickly forgot about his embarrassment. He'll probably try to beat him up later for taking advantage of him, but for now he was simply going to enjoy it.

... ... ... ...

You know, even when he wasn't raging mad, Bialy could still be highly intimidating. Jensen found this out the hard way when he sat down at the breakfast table the next morning, with Taras's help and found himself immediately on the wrong end of a pointed stare from the albino sitting on the other side of the table.

Jensen never liked to be the centre of attention, and right now, he absolutely loathed it! It was taking all his might not to leap to his feet, throw something hard at the white-haired guy and demand to know what the hell he was looking at.

However, he was three seconds away from doing just that when Bialy suddenly turned his attention to Taras, who was blissfully oblivious to Jensen's discomfort.

"Hey, where the hell did you sleep last night?"

Without missing a beat, Taras replied; "I slept with Jensen."

Jensen's mouth hung open in surprise, a dark blush adorning his cheeks while Bialy simply blinked. "Seriously? Moving a bit fast, aren't we?"

"He slept in my room, we didn't sleep together!" Jensen corrected loudly, his face sporting a flaring blush.

"Whatya mean?" Taras asked him around his coffee. "We slept together. We didn't have sex, but we slept together."

Jensen slammed his head onto the kitchen table with a loud thud, his blush not subsiding at all. "How can you be so jovial about it…?" he whined.


Rolling his head to the side, Jensen managed to utter out a small greeting as Kagen walked into the kitchen. Taras and Bialy gave him much louder greetings and Taras even climbed to his feet, sauntered over to Kagen and flung an arm around his shoulders.

"You're up late," Taras said as Kagen went about getting his own breakfast. "Did Makis keep you up all night?"

The knife in Kagen's hand glistened in the light as he held it mere inches away from Taras's nose. "Anymore crude suggestions and I'll cut off your balls so you won't be able to fulfil any of those perverted fantasies of yours."

Taras wisely backed away. "I'll be good."

Jensen, however, found a hard time believing that. And, funnily enough, he didn't mind.

Not that he was ever, ever going to admit that.