We have all read the books and seen the movies. You know the ones that I mean. Where the beautiful girl is swept off her feet by the guy all the girls fall for. Most of us are in fact experts on the topic, as the media rapidly produce it all; the books, movies and the celebrities' fake relationships. Everything. When it comes to real life though, where the girl is not perfectly beautiful and the guy really isn't someone you would want to fall for, there are no experts. Who really knows the story of reality? Anyone?

The truth is that there is no real answer to that question. There isn't one person who has the answer. Why? Because there is more than one. In fact there are thousands. For every single person it's different.

There are those who always find themselves devoted the wrong guy and those who refuse to fall for anyone. Some people are lucky and after a few attempts they find the right person and others have to wait a little while longer. The fact is that there really is no final answer or secret to it.

We cannot plan to fall in love with someone because that is just not how it works. For love to work it has to happen by itself. If not then how do you know it's real or whether it will last?

For all of you who haven't found it yet and yes I include myself in this, keep looking. Don't stop and choose to let it be in reality. Love is romantic and yes it's amazing but surely that means it's worth waiting for?