Music a two syllable word and one that is used so often. Its appearance is simple and it requires little effort to be spoken, yet it affects our lives so greatly. Generations around the world are familiar with the term and it's so widely spoken of. There are those that see this word as a way in which to protest; making the message clear but without being arrested and persecuted for doing so. For others it's a way to express emotion, whether it be the weighted feelings that a heavy base can represent or the melodic sound of 'love' that so many genres can cover. Sometimes the meaning is to simply immerse yourself in a sound that your ears pick up as something you have to keep listening to.

I find the word so fascinating; how it can be so small and minor yet mean so much. The true depth of its meaning for me is shown when you stand among the crowds at a concert, whatever your taste in music be, and look around to see the reaction that the first bar of the music creates. How the space you stand in suddenly seems to bind the spectators into one as the music penetrates every part of it. No matter the language barrier or the contrast of characters the sound changes you in some way.

Next time music passes your way think about how it affects you and maybe, if you let it, the sound will help you to answer your questions.