Marissa Parker

I didn't know exactly where I was.

A forest. Definitely.

Which forest exactly? No clue.

It was cold and dark except for one small patch of sunlight. The closer I got to the sunshine the father away it seemed to get. It didn't matter anyways, because there was already someone, two someone's standing there. A man and a woman.

Both of them were insanely beautiful. The man looked liked a surfer. Tan, Blond and Super Hot. The woman was his complete opposite. Pale with dark hair, but still amazingly gorgeous.

I inched closer.

"Hello.' The man said 'I am Apollo, and this is my sister Artemis. We are Greek gods."

His sister gave a slight nod at her mention. Greek gods? Are you serious?

"You're crazy, delirious. Greek gods don't exist." I told him, clutching the silver cross that hung around my neck.

"You insolent brat' Artemis screeched, pulling a hunting knife from her belt. 'How dare you say such a thing"

I stepped back automatically, flinching away from the so-called Greek gods.

"Calm sister" Apollo commanded.

She nodded and tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear.

Apollo turned back toward me.

"I come to you with a proposistion."

"A proposition?" I asked somewhat curious.

" You're father is ill. Am I correct?" He asked.

I nodded slowly. How did he know?

"Many years ago, there was a god named Apollo who had fallen in love with a mortal.'

So Apollo was in love with a mortal Wasn't he always?

This mortal spurned his advances and attempted to join his sisters group of immortal Hunters. Naturally Apollo's sister refused. Apollo tried again and again to earn her love, but she would have none of it. So Apollo cursed the mortal. She would live forever. Eternally youthful unable die unless she was killed." Apollo explained.

"How does this involve me?" I asked, more curious now than ever before.

"The mortal girl. The one I cursed... Her name was Nikola Sheridan. Now she goes by Victoria Spencer"

Then he was gone. And I was alone.