The Mascot & The Quarterback
by StreetsOfGold

Best friends have a tendency to cause problems.

That is the only theory I could think of at the moment. I mean, why else would a mob of overly peppy cheerleaders over-run my home on a Thursday night? Exactly. There is no other reason.

Therefore, my theory is completely and entirely justified.

It started off just like any other Thursday night. I came home from cross-country practice, took an extremely long shower, ate dinner with my family, watched my incredibly hot neighbor/friend, Matt, work out in his backyard through my window, and started my much-procrastinated homework.

It was when I broke out my Anatomy binder that the doorbell rang. I didn't think much of it—expecting my older sister coming home late or maybe a delivery—but boy, was I wrong. After causally jogging down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time, I opened the door to find none other than my best friend, Hailey, along with the rest of the West Valley High cheerleading squad standing on my doorstep.

Too say I was surprised would have been the understatement of the century. Noticing Hailey's red-rimmed puffy eyes, I immediately invited her in. What else was a best friend supposed to do?

Ten minutes later, my room was over-flowing with pom-poms and a few crying cheerleaders. Honestly, I didn't even know what to do. Or say, for that matter. I couldn't just come out and offer them makeup remover to wash away the streaks of running mascara streaming down their faces.

Or, could I?

Fortunately, there wasn't much I had to say because the minute Hailey closed my bedroom door she opened her mouth.

Then, I became Doctor Phil.

"Izzy!" She cried out, throwing her arms dramatically into the air. "I don't know what I am going to do! It is all such a giant disaster. This can't be happening to me. Not now. The game is tomorrow night! What the hell am I supposed to do?"

She was pacing, running a hand through her red locks, and speaking profanities under breath.

"Calm down, Hailey." I spoke, trying to comfort her. "I don't even know what you are talking about. Why don't you slow down and start from the beginning."

"Slow down! I can't slow down! The game is tomorrow, Isabelle!"

I raised my hands up in front of me, surrendering to her lunatic woman antics. "Whoa, I am sorry, Hails, but, I can't help you if I don't know what you are talking about."

Hailey took a deep—much needed—breath and spoke. "Chris Martin sprained his ankle in practice today! He sprained his fucking ankle! How could he do this to me? The homecoming game is tomorrow!"

I snorted. I couldn't help it.

"You mean the mascot? I don't think anyone will notice if Chris isn't at the game tomorrow, Hailey. Now, please just calm down—"


It is official. The girl has lost it. She had officially gone crazy.

Hailey let out a sniffle and collapsed on the bed behind her. The two cheerleaders who had previously occupied its comfy glory quickly moved, afraid to face their captain's crazy antics. I didn't blame them.

I slowly sat down on the bed next to her, gently pulling her by the arm to sit up in a right position. Hailey rested her head on my shoulder, sniffling.

"I am sorry for freaking out. I just-I have worked so hard to make this routine perfect for the game and we can't do it without a mascot."

I rubbed circles on her back in a continuous motion, calming her down further. When her breathing had returned to its normal pattern, I turned to her with a reassuring smile.

"Hailey, I am sure your routine will be perfect." I spoke, trying to put her at ease. "You don't need Chris Martin to make your routine awesome. You guys can do that all on your own. He wasn't even a good mascot anyway. The last time he tried to a cartwheel he ended up somersaulting with a sprained ankle."

Hailer perked up a little at my short motivational speech. She stood up and looked at the girls before a giant grin spread across her face.

That is when things began to go downhill.

"She is right!" Hailey shrieked, her pep already shining.

"Yeah." I thanked her. "Now if you all don't mind, I need to finish my—"

"I mean, I don't even know why we allowed him on the team. He couldn't do a cartwheel! That is the easiest stunt!"

"Really, I am glad you guys figured out you don't need him but—"

Hailey turned her attention back on me, grinning ecstatically. "We need a new mascot! We need Isabelle!"

"Yeah, that's great-wait no!"

Her smile turned to a look of pleading. The rest of the squad stood up as well, their looks of sad disappointment changed into ones of desperation and determination.

The shouts came from every direction.

"Please, Isabelle!"

"You did gymnastics! You can do a cartwheel, can't you?"

"We need you Izzy!"

"You would be awesome."

"Yeah! Way better than Chris!"

I felt like the walls of my bedroom were suddenly caving in on me. My worst nightmare was coming true. The cheerleaders were trying to get me to join their cult—I mean squad. This couldn't be happening. Hailey promised me that this would never happen.

"Hailey, you know I don't like cheerleading. We have been over this. You promised you would never rope me into anything!"

"Just this one time, Iz! Please. I will do anything. You won't have to do it ever again after tomorrow. I just need you to do this one favor for me."

"Hailey, I don't think—"

"If you don't, I will tell your mom about that time you snuck out to see Matt this summer."

Damn. She had me. I was a goner.

Hello, Bob the Wildcat.

Like I said, best friends have a tendency to cause problems.


That Friday had passed rather quickly, much to my dismay. School was an absolute joke. No one was focused on learning, not even the teachers. Everyone was too focused on the big game that would happen that night at nine o'clock.

So basically, I was shit out of luck.

Hailey had cornered me that morning, confirming my impending doom that would soon commence—some best friend she is. I was officially set to be the mascot, Bob the Wildcat. When she spoke about my duties as Bob, she almost made the task sound pleasant.


Now, I watched from my window as the sky began to darken. With his bedroom directly across from mine, I could see Matt changing into his East Valley Football warm up. He rummaged around his room before finally picking his Varsity Letter Jacket off of the floor.

A smile graced my lips, remembering all of the times he had lent me that jacket over the summer. It was about four sizes too big on me but I wore it every time we were together. At the time, I hadn't even cared that it had my school's rival printed on the back.

All that mattered was that he had given it to me.

Shaking my head, I cleared the thoughts form my mind and looked away from the window. The clock on my nightstand read five forty five. I had fifteen minutes to get to school. Apparently, as the new mascot I had to be at school three hours early to try on the Wildcat costume and master this 'perfect' routine.

I wish someone would just kill me already.

I quickly rummaged through my dresser finding a pair of blue running shorts and a red West Valley T-Shirt. I might as well dress in school colors. You know, school spirit and all.

Grabbing my cell phone off of my bed, I ran down stairs and out the front door. Once outside, I realized the driveway was empty, meaning I either had to walk the three and half miles to school or take the bus. I decided that option two was a more suitable choice and began walking to the bus stop a few blocks ahead.

I wasn't even two minutes into my short walk when a blue truck pulled up next to me on the curb. I stopped walking and looked into the slightly tinted window. I didn't need to see more than his dark silhouette to know who he was.

I had driven around with him all summer.

"What are you doing walking by yourself at this time of night, Izzy?" He asked, rolling down the window.

I walked towards Matt's car, peering my head through the window. It was strange seeing his face up close. I hadn't seen it in so long and it was completely different than looking at him from the distance and comfort of my bedroom.

I could place every freckle and smile induced wrinkle on his face. His dark black hair stuck up at different angles, as if he had just rolled out of bed. Abruptly, images of my hands running through his soft locks popped into my thoughts and then I remembered the way his lips—shit I needed to stay focused.

"It's not even six o'clock, Matt."

He grinned, letting out a soft low laugh. His shoulders shook, straining against his East Valley Football warm-up. I tried not to stare down at my own West Valley T-Shirt, in contrast to his. Thinking of the rivalry, I was whirled back into memories of the summer. When our school statuses didn't matter.

Too bad that all had to change when the school year started back up. It was like that summer hadn't even happened as far as I was concerned.

"Well, either way, you shouldn't be walking. Can I give you a ride?"

I sighed, weighing my options. I could either wait thirty, or so, minutes for the bus or I could suck up my feelings and ride with Matt.

I chose the latter.

"No thanks, I am just heading towards school. I have to get there early to help out Hailey. You know how much of a perfectionist she can be when it comes to her squad."

"Don't be silly, Iz." Matt spoke, as if my thinking process didn't make any sense. "That works out well because I am on my way there too. You know, to work out plays so we can kick your team's butt."

God, I hated when he was rational.

I opened up the passenger seat and sat down stiffly, leaning my weight towards the window—away from him.


Matt laughed. "I guess Hailey finally dragged you into the cheerleading thing, huh? Never though I would see the day."

Oh, he had no idea.

"Yeah, something like that."

An awkward silence ensued—so being the intelligent senior that I am—I turned on the radio. The station was a popular one, playing all of the latest hits but also some well-known oldies.

We only had about a mile and half left until we made it too school and everything was going fine, until the song came on.

That damn song.

I wish I had never heard its sickening lovey dovey beat. I mean, was there no other topics to sing about other than love and break ups?

I felt the awkward tension in the car rise. Gavin DeGraw's new single, Not Over You, continued to flow through the speakers, basically narrating my life up to that point.

Why, oh why, was I being punished with awkward music?

When the song finally came to an end, a whole three and a half minutes later, Matt cleared his throat and I realized we had already made it to West Valley High School's parking lot.

We both sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. Just when I was sure I was about to die of discomfort, Matt began to speak. "Look, Isabelle."

Oh, god. It was serious. He used my full name.

"I just wanted to say that—"

The sound of giggling girls interrupted his serious speech. I looked out the window and sure enough there was Hailey and the rest of the squad. I didn't think I would ever be grateful for there presence but at that moment I accepted them with open arms.

I turned my gaze to Matt.

"Thanks for the ride. I got to go!"

And with that, I threw open the passenger door and jumped down on the sidewalk. Then I did what any sensible eighteen-year-old girl would do.

I bolted for the locker rooms.


I stared at my self in the full-length mirror, safe behind the closed doors of the boy's locker room. Yes, the boy's locker room. The cheerleaders were already dressed in their uniforms and hadn't asked the janitors to leave the room unlocked, being that they had no use for it.

They had simply forgotten I had to change into my ridiculous uniform.

So, here I was dressed in a wildcat suit, while staring at my self in a mirror in the boy's locker room. My red T-shirt and blue shorts were discarded on the floor by the wildcat's headpiece.

I hadn't realized how hot it would be inside the suit. It only took me a few minutes to realize why the mascots sweat so much. Now, underneath the wildcat costume's hideous cotton fur, I was only clad in a bra and my underwear—that thankfully covered my butt.

I could only grimace at the thought of the sweat that would coat my skin later tonight.

Hailey suddenly appeared behind me, beaming.

"I owe you so much, Isabelle! And, I am sorry you had to change in here. Boys are so smelly!"

As much as this tortuous costume and stinky locker room pained me, I could only smile at Hailey. She was my best friend and I would pretty much do anything to make sure she was happy.

It was my job.

"Don't worry about it, Hailey. But, I am expecting an Oreo Blast milkshake after the game tonight."

Hailey laughed at my bargain. Of course, I had demanded food for my services. What kind of teenager would I be if I hadn't?

"Well, we are starting practice now. So put that wildcat headpiece on and meet us outside, Bob!"

I laughed at her enthusiasm, unsure of how she remains so peppy all of the time. Hailey smiled at me one last time before turning on her heel and literally skipping out of the locker room.

I pulled the headpiece off the floor, abandoning my other clothes, and placed it on my head. As uncomfortable as the rest of the costume was, the headpiece was ten times worse.

It itched my neck and smelled of body odor.

Suddenly, the door slammed open, and I jumped a foot in the air from the bang it made. I expected to see Hailey ordering me outside for practice but was surprised to see a bunch of guys in East Valley Football warm-ups coming towards me.

You have got to be kidding me.

"Don't worry Martin." A tall boy with light brown hair spoke. "We will return you when the game is over."

And just like that, three of them came towards me and picked me up, dragging me out of the locker room kicking and screaming. Did no one hear me? I was being kidnapped for heaven's sake! I mean, sure it was only a prank by my rival school, but I was still being taken against my will!

And, who the hell was Martin?

"Jesus, Chris you weigh less than a girl." One of the oafs lifting me spoke.

Shit. They thought I was the old mascot, Chris Martin. Did they not know he was injured? Did they think I was a guy?

Finally, the guys put me down when we made it to the front parking lot, where a white van stopped in front of us. How fitting, a white van for a class prank kidnapping. I was shoved from behind into the van and the doors were closed behind me.

I sat up, rubbing my butt that had hit the floor hard when I was shoved inside. A grimace took over my features as I suddenly remembered, Hailey, who probably went into cardiac arrest when she realized I had gone missing.

How had she not seen this coming? The pranks happen every year.

Looking up, I realized only two East Valley football players were actually in the car with me. The rest must have stayed on campus to continue training and practicing for the big game later.

The boy sitting in front of me, smirked, lifting his fingers in a mock salute. His blonde hair was cut relatively short and his face was evenly tanned. Daniel Rivers, East Valley's halfback, stared back at me.

Sitting next to him, was someone extremely familiar. His dark black hair fell slightly into his light brown eyes and his smile was contagious, even if they couldn't see under my mask.

Matt reached out and lightly punched my shoulder. "Don't worry, Chris. You might even get to see the end of the game. When we kick your ass."

I sat silently, refusing to answer to the oaf. I can't believe I ever found him attractive, even though he does looked kind of cute in his uniform. No! He didn't. I needed to focus.

"Oh, come on, Martin." Daniel spoke up. "Are you seriously giving us the silent treatment? What are you a girl?"

Well, actually…

I still refused to talk, simply flipping him the bird before crossing my arms over my chest.

"Whatever." Matt spoke. "We don't care whether you talk or not man. We just need to drop you off and get back in time to practice."

Silence overtook the back of the van. For five minutes, we all just stared at each other, sizing one another up. When it became unbearable, Daniel turned to Matt and began talking.

"So, I heard Sophie is coming tonight."

I stiffened in my spot as their conversation progressed. Who was Sophie? Was she Matt's girlfriend? I really didn't want to hear about Matt and his newly found relationships.

Matt sighed, running a hand through his dark locks. "Please don't remind me. She hasn't left me alone for weeks. It's like she is stalking me."

Relief flooded through me, as much as I didn't want it to. Matt dropped me and I still cared about him. It was pathetic.

"If a girl like Sophie decided to stalk me. I would be perfectly okay with it." Daniel laughed. "I mean, look at her. The girl is hot."

"I just don't like her like that, man. Go for it."

"Dude. You haven't hooked up with anybody since the year has started. It's already November. How are you not dying? Oh, shit. Dude, are you gay?"

What? Matt hadn't hooked up with anyone this year?

"What? NO!" Matt shouted." I just haven't found anyone yet. Okay? Will you just cool it? Sophie is cool but I just don't see her that way."

Daniel was silent for a couple of minutes, seeming to contemplate what he was going to say next, if he even said anything next.

"It's about her isn't it? That chick from West Valley."

My attention suddenly shot up, staring at the two boys in front of me. Matt looked up too, staring at Daniel in disbelief. Daniel knew? That was impossible. We had been so careful to make sure no one found out because East Valley's Quarterback couldn't be caught with a West Valley girl.

"What are you talking about?"

Daniel laughed, a low toned hearty laugh. "Dude you don't have to be dumb. We saw you two together, the brunette. She's cute. You guys were leaving the movies. It was late but I had to pick my sister up from a sleepover because she was sick. Josh was with me. We drove by the theatre and saw you guys."

Matt froze, his face visibly paling. I swallowed a lump that had formed in my throat. Were they really talking about all of this in front of me—or should I say Chris Martin. Did they forget I was here?

"We were just-I mean it was-it wasn't what it looked like." Matt stuttered.

"Dude, it's cool." Daniel spoke. "Did you honestly think we would care about a silly rivalry? If you liked her, we would have respected that. She's why you won't hook up with anyone, isn't she?"

I wanted to punch someone. They wouldn't have cared? We snuck around all summer and now they are saying they wouldn't have cared?

Matt sighed, and let it all spill out.

"She's my neighbor, Isabelle. It kind of just happened. I don't know how. One minute we were hanging out like we always did and then I just had the urge to kiss her." He paused, taking a breath. "Okay, that's a lie. I had wanted to kiss her for a while, but on that night she just looked so beautiful. We were watching a this terrible movie, you know entirely sappy, and I just had to, you know? And, then she kissed me back."

I held my breath. Oh, god. This is not happening. This can't be happening. He had wanted to kiss me for a while? How long? And, he thinks that I am beautiful? And, how could he have hated that movie? It wasn't sappy! Okay, maybe it was a little sappy. But, A Cinderella Story just happened to be one of my favorite movies. I would give anything to have Chad Michael Murray run off of a field for me!

Daniel smiled. "She sounds cool."

"She is amazing, but then school started and I was afraid. I didn't want you guys to hate her. I didn't want our relationship to suffer and die because of a stupid feud between our schools. God, I feel like an ass."

"That's because you are." Daniel said

"I think-I think I'm in love with her."

I couldn't take it anymore. How could he love me if he didn't even tell anyone? He couldn't' just go around telling guys that I was beautiful and kissable and get stalked by weird girls named Sophie.

I was going to lose it!

So…I punched him.

"What the fuck!"

Matt sprung to his feet, ready to pounce on me. Daniel held him back. We were all standing in the back of the van, glaring at each other.

"What the hell is your problem, Martin?"

Then the car hit a speed bump and we were all sent falling to the floor. I landed with a thud underneath, Matt. The wildcat headpiece fell off of my head on the way down and rolled to a stop by Daniel's arm.

The two of them stared at me in shock.

Matt paled. "Isabelle?"

Shit. Shit. Shit.

"Umm." I managed to get out of my mouth.

Daniel started laughing, hysterically. He stood up, clutching his stomach and doubled over. Mat rolled off of me and stood up, offering me a hand. He pulled me up, grasping the situation we had landed ourselves in.

"What are you doing here, Izzy?"

"I told you I was helping out Hailey!" I gulped, running a hand through my golden locks. "She asked me to be the mascot because Chris got hurt at practice."

"I thought you meant she roped you into being a cheerleader!" He yelled. "Not the mascot. You were the boys locker room for heaven's sake!"

I was getting frustrated. "Only because the girl's locker room was closed! You know what, Matt. I am not even talking to you. So, fuck off!"

"Are you serious? What did I do? I am not the one who pretended to be a guy and the eavesdrop on other peoples conversations!"

"Well I wouldn't have to eavesdrop if you would talk to me! You have avoided me ever since school started! All because you were afraid of what people would say!"

His face softened.

"That's not true, Iz."

Daniel seemed to sense the tension and had stopped laughing. Instead, he retreated to his corner.

"I don't want to talk to you right now, Matt." I sighed, growing tired of the pointless argument. "I just want to go back. Okay."

"We can't do that, Iz." He flinched. "You are the mascot."

He had to be fucking kidding me.

"I don't care. Take me back. I will sit in the fucking stands if I have to and put the damn costume away! I hate it anyways! It's hot and smells like body odor."

Matt, finding it better to follow her wishes, walked to the front. He asked the driver to turn around, saying it was an emergency. The driver immediately turned around, not wanted to get into our problems and silently began driving back to school.

Matt returned to his original seat and I returned to mine. The silence returned and I couldn't even look up. Tears were brimming my eyes. My relationship with Matt was a mess and all because of a stupid school rivalry.

"Are you still hot?"

I looked up at the sound of Matt's voice. Then I realized he was talking about the costume I had complained about. I was hot. In fact, I was boiling inside of the wildcat uniform.

Matt wordlessly made his way over, standing quietly behind me. "Do you want me to unzip you?"

Excited at the prospect of fresh air, outside of the retched costume, I nodded my head eagerly. "Please, get me out of this damn cat suit!"

I lifted my hair off of my shoulder, giving him better access to the zipper and waited. Matt slowly pulled the zipped until it was fully open, stopping just above my hips.

I heard Matt gulp behind me.

"Um, Iz" He stuttered. "You don-you don't have anything—"

It was then that I remembered I was only in my bra and underwear.


"I can't believe they kidnapped you!"

"That is so scary!"

"I would have cried!"

I turned my attention to Hailey, who was seated to my left. The two of us were currently sitting in the bleachers at the West Valley Football field, surrounded by the rest of the squad and hundreds of fans.

The ride back to school was a silent one. Matt hadn't spoken to me after the zipper/missing clothing incident. He had simply given me his warm-up jersey to put on so that I could take off the top half of the cat suit. After that, no one spoke a word for the duration of the ride.

Fortunately, with the guy's crazy driving Daniel, Matt, and I had made it back in time for the guy's to practice and for me to find Hailey and explain what had happened.

She had felt so bad about the whole situation—claiming that it was her fault I had been in the suit in the first place—that she refused to let me put the damn thing back on.

Hell, I wasn't going to complain.

"I know." I reiterated for what must have been the fifteenth time. "Well, at least I still get to see the game."

"Yeah, you got back just in time to see out football team lose" One of the cheerleaders deadpanned.

As much as I hated to admit it, the girl was right. The game had been a close one all night, the winners switching back and forth, but at the moment East Valley had the ball and there was only four minutes left on the clock. It certainly wasn't looking good in our favor.

Of course, it was a tad bit hard for me to concentrate on our team when the boy who had confessed his love for me was running down the field with a ball in his arms playing for East Valley.

Hailey looked at me knowingly. After I had explained to her the kidnapping bit, I also told her about the Matt situation. She was, after all, my best friend. Who else was I supposed to vent to?

"Are you sure you are okay, Iz?"

I looked at back at her. Her usual smile was instead replaced with a look of utter concern. I couldn't blame her. I would be concerned about my screwed up love life too. It was all over the place.

"Yeah." I spoke softly. "I think I am going to get some hot chocolate. It's getting cold. Do you want some?"

Hailey shook her head. "No, thanks. I will save your seat though. Hurry back. The game is almost over!"

I nodded, only half listening. The truth was I just needed to get out of there. I couldn't watch anymore. I began pushing my way through the throngs of people littered along the stands.

Looking back onto the field, I noticed Matt looking at out side of the bleachers, instead of his side where his school chanted his name. His gaze zeroed in on me and I swear I could feel my heart begin hammering in my chest.

I couldn't read the expression in his face.

I ignored the pain in my chest. We couldn't be together. We had our chance and it had run its course because of a stupid school rivalry. I continued my path, walking down the stairs to the main level.

Back on the field, Matt was no longer looking at me. Instead, he looked to be in a conversation with Daniel on the sidelines. Daniel nodded pulling one of the guys off of the sideline and onto the field. Matt slapped the guy on the shoulder and began running off of the field.

Wait… Is he running over here?

Matt's run turned into a sprint and before I knew it people were whispering and shouting, all wondering the same thing. What the hell was he doing? Mat stopped at the bottom of the bleachers, looking up to smile at me.

Oh, god. He is not going to—

Is he?

I looked back to where Hailey was sitting. Her peppy smile was back and I couldn't help but wonder if she knew what was going on.

Matt grabbed the railing connected to stairs, jogging the few shorts strides until he was standing in front of me.

Oh my god.

He is.

"Matt…what are you doing?"

Matt panted, trying to steady his rapid breathing. Running a hand through his dark locks, he smiled one of his genuine grins and rested his hand on my shoulder.

"Something I should have done a long time ago."

I smiled.

"Please, tell me that you did not just steal Chad Michael Murray's win-the-girl-line from A Cinderella Story."

I ignored the people staring at us from all corners and instead focused all of my energy on the boy standing in front of me. I felt as if I was in a dream.

A really good dream and I didn't want to wake up.

"I want to be your Austin Ames or Chad Michael Murray. Or, whatever his name is." Matt breathed. "I need you, Isabelle. I don't care about a stupid petty feud between our schools. You mean everything to me, Iz. More than football. More than a rivalry. And, more than winning."

Slowly, he leaned down until I could feel his breath on my lips. I ignored the sweat that coated his skin and his bulky football jersey.

None of that mattered at the moment.

Finally, he crushed his warm lips down onto mine. They lingered there for a mere moment before growing heated, his lips moving in sync with my own. I found that my brain couldn't concentrate on anything at the moment, except for his lips.

Matt bit my bottom lip, causing me to gasp. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, exploring every crevice. I pulled back, panting, and rested my forehead against his.

"I think I love you too." I smiled against his lips.

All of a sudden everyone in the stands burst out cheering. For what, I couldn't say because I had no clue. I didn't know who won. And, honestly I didn't care. Instead, I fused my lips with Matt's and continued to kiss him in front of the whole West Valley and East Valley population

"You know." I started, giggling. "You can't just run into the stands and proclaim your love for me during a football game every time you piss me off."

"I know, Babe. Don't worry. I still have basketball season." Matt smiled. "Remember when we watched High School Musical? Just imagine what it would be like if I broke out into song for you while I was shooting a free-throw."

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