Marvin's Bad Day

A/N: This is a oneshot. Basically it tells of a guy named Marvin who has a really bad day. Enjoy. Please r+r.

One beautiful day in June, Marvin woke up, ready to go to work...but it was 10:00, and his work started at 9:00. He was an hour late! He barely had time to shave and get dressed, so he threw on whatever he could, and didn't eat breakfast.

But there was another problem. One, it had started to rain and he had no time to get his umbrella, and two, he'd locked his keys in the car. So, he had to walk to work in the rain. When he got there, all sopping wet and grouchy, he was told by his coworker that his boss wanted to see him.

Marvin arrived at his boss's office. His boss, sitting in the big leather chair, stood up, pulled out a piece of pink paper, and said those two words all employees dread...

You're fired.

Marvin could not stand it any longer. He rushed out of the office, and ran all the way back to his house. He had dropped his keys at work, so he had to climb through a broken window, where he got multiple cuts. His house was dark, and was there something...or it?

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARVIN!" A ton of Marvin's buddies and family came out from behind the furniture. Marvin realized the whole bad day was set up to make him sad because if he was sad, then he wouldn't suspect any party planning. Marvin still had his job, because his boss was in on it too.

After the party, Marvin was very happy. But he sincerely hoped he would never ever have to go through a day like that again.

The End.