"oh my god!" yelled Aria, "I cannot BELIEVE she would do that!"

"I know!" comforted Isabella, "Its just not right."

"How could she tell him? Now the whole school probably knows!"

"its not like I planned to tell him!" Maria vented, "he heard me talking to her and asked me!"

"But you still told him. And..."

"I know, I know. And now hes going to tell Alec because I told him. I know it was wrong. I've heard it all before, Carly."

"Oh whatever" Carly said as the girls wandered towards their 2nd hour class.

"hey man, didja hear?" asked Alecs' best friend Michael.

"hear what?" Alec replied

"that the Karmykel girl likes ya. Alot."

"Aria? Really? You sure?" Alec asked, curious.

"ya man, her friend Maria told me."

"nice." Alec said, then the duo left the locker room, headed for the advanced language arts class they shared with Aria and Isabella.

The girls walked into language arts quietly muttering to themselves. "Alrighty, everyone" the teacher said in her boring, monotonous voice, "everyone pick a seat and quietly wait."

Ms. Rabb was not a pretty woman. She had dark brown hair, almost always pulled back in a ponytail. She had horrific fashion sense, typically wearing khaki pants and a slightly see through shirt, without an undershirt. This combo was paired with brown shoes and a big bulky black watch with matching glasses. Sometimes people with a less than pleasing appearance are very nice people, but Ms. Rabb was not. Ms. Rabb was not very nice at all. She always seemed like teaching bored her, like she was forced into the profession. And every time a student would ask a question, she would sigh exasperatedly and answer the question in a rude tone that suggested the student was an idiot for not knowing the answer. She seemed to be about mid-thirties, and had the feel of someone who has had all her hopes and dreams crushed, so she now lives her life for the sole purpose of pushing her misery onto others.

The 2 girls looked around the room, surveying the maze of desks, seemingly arranged with no specific design, though one could see vague table groups. They looked over towards the board, along the walls, scanning all the dumb posters on the wall. On the board was a paragraph about some rare kind of flower or something, with tons of obvious spelling and grammatical errors, presumably for all the other classes to fix.

The girls picked to desks near each other towards the back. "holy crap." Isabella said quietly

"what, Izzy?" aria asked, when she saw the answer walking over in blue jeans and a baggy Beatles shirt. "okay, breathe, breathe, breathe..." Aria whispered quietly to herself.

"did you say something?" Alec asked

"no. But I really like your shirt. I love the Beatles!"

"I can tell" he said, pointing to Arias Shirt, which also had the Beatles on it. "mind if we sit here?"

"not at all" Isabella said, beating Aria to it.

"Cool. So whats up?" he asked, sounding so very, very cool.

"Oh nothing"

"Not much" Aria and Isabella said at the same time, "you?"

"Nothing really, I just..." Alec answered, but was interrupted by ms rabb, starting the same lesson plan they do every Monday, only changing the words.

Alec was frustrated. He was about to tell Aria about his extra ticket to the Panic! At the Disco concert when the stupid teacher interrupted him. Now he would have to wait to ask Aria to go with him til tomorrow.

Now Alec and Mike had to do the vocabulary stations, just like every Monday.

The first station they got stuck on was pictures for words 1-6. this station was probably one of the most hated. Who wants to draw pictures for words like discombobulate, dactylonomy and rhinotillexomania?
After 10 minutes, there was a station switch. Alec and Mike went to the next one, which happened to be pictures for words 7-12. How fun, Alec thought.

This set had words like interrobang, ishkabibble, and snollygoster.