Dear Readers,

Before you panic, this is not an announcement to tell you that I'll be discontinuing this story. I never ever thought I would ever dedicate a page to an announcement. I just managed to get to a computer and have enough time to write up this announcement. I know I haven't been active for awhile and I've left my stories on cliffhangers, but it can't be helped. My computer crashed. And I would use the ones in school… if they weren't all infected with a virus (yeah, kinda dumb and impossible to believe, but it's true. I would know, it was announced on the school website and our thumb drives with our proposals were wiped clean).

I'm saving up for a laptop now and I'll be sneaking onto my mother's laptop to work on my stories and post them. In the meantime, I'll review my previous chapters and work on them to make them better because I do believe that my writing has improved a bit since chapter one and yes, I'll make the chapters much longer for your satisfaction.

I don't update often already, so this might be a bit of a turn off to some of you, but please bear with me. I just want you to know that your support is important to me and I haven't lost my interest in my stories. I'll be putting my darndest best into working on them without a computer and revamping the previous chapters… and sneaking onto my mother's computer when she's not looking and updating them.

**Here's a brief rundown of what I'll be doing or changing or both:

The Arranged Marriage of the Reluctant Lady – As you all can tell, the previous chapters are very poorly written and I really want you all to enjoy this story and do it justice. The words are only in the hundreds range and I'd like to increase it to the thousands. Also, I have a renewed passion for this particular work and I want to change a few things and flesh out more details (it's gotta be the writing books I've been reading). I might just post the rewritten version as a new story.

A Fae's Tale – It might seem a little fast paced in the beginning and then it slows down a lot towards the back so I'm going to work on that bit and change a couple of things here and there. I'll let you know what I do change.

The Unintentional Love – I really hate not being able to type this out when it's at the part I've been dying to write… I'll be working on my grammar and a few misspellings, but I like the progress of this one.

A Favour Gone Terribly Right – I'll be resuming this one soon enough and redoing my horrible punctuations.

Hell Hath No Fury – This will definitely have to be rewritten! It was one of my very first works and I've been working on my writing so I'd like to redo this one and flesh out everything. It was fast paced all throughout and I want to introduce my secondary characters more thoroughly along with the tension between Riordan and Sasha.

Thank you always,