"Come on, we'll be late!" I complained, tugging at Adam's arm. It was a hot summery school day and he was too busy talking to his mates to even hear me. Groaning as the second bell rang; I left him and went to English by myself, catching my reflection in the window. My sandals, denim shorts, light pink singlet and flowy black top with little hearts on it complimented my dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I had just reached the top of the stairs when my best friend Ellie, who had light brown hair and blue eyes, nudged me.

"I'm so jealous you're in his class," she said, nodding towards the figure walking adjacently from us to class.

"Mm, well there are a lot of things you are jealous of!" I teased, climbing the rest of the stairs and heading into my English room. Trent Jones, one of the hottest guys in school was sitting up the back of the room, dressed in denim skinny jeans and a black shirt, texting on his phone. He had shaggy naturally black hair, light blue eyes, abs to die for and piercings in his left ear, eyebrow, tongue and snake bites. He also had five tattoos – one on each arm and three on his body. He was hardly seen without a cap that he always wore backwards, unless it was cold and he was wearing a hoodie, in which he wouldn't take his hood down. His form of transport was a motorbike, the only one in the whole suburb, and happened to live on the end of my street! So, I, along with almost every girl in our school, found him irresistibly attractive. I took my seat in the middle of the room, Adam coming in minutes later and joining me. The fans were on full blast, trying to keep the classroom cool, but that only worked if you sat directly under one.

"That was no way to treat your boyfriend," he said, kissing my cheek as I pulled a pen out of my pencil case. Adam Dally was my boyfriend. With dark brown hair and brown eyes, he easily got the spot of Jock on the football team as he was popular and a bit of a jerk. I'd been dating him for a year now, having endured him ask me out at the end of tenth grade in front of the whole school. It was embarrassing, but there was no way I could say no afterwards.

"Well I didn't want to be late to class again," I said, writing the date on the top right corner of my page before putting the pen down.

"Besides, I think it was more of how you treated me," I said, looking at him.

"What do you mean?" he said viciously.

"I mean that you were ignoring me again! Talking to your mates, you find that much more important than talking to me!" Trent glanced up from his phone at me and I just happened to be looking his way as I said it too. The teacher walked in and told us to be quiet as she started the lesson. Slightly ticked off, I turned to the front and didn't bother looking at Adam for the remainder of the lesson. Halfway through it, a younger student came to the door with a note for the teacher.

"Trent, you're wanted in the office." He sighed, dragging his bag off the desk and swinging it over his shoulder as he exited the classroom. Trent was always in some sort of trouble, and it was normal for me to hear he'd been up to some sort of criminal activity over the weekend. He was always drinking a lot too, and was rather popular outside of school with people I'd have nothing in common with, especially the chicks he hooked up with. Not long after he'd gone, I noticed a phone on the floor next to me. It was exactly like Trent's, so I picked it up and looked at it. It's got to be his –

"No phones out in class Chloe," the teacher said, staring down at me. I slipped it into my pocket of my shorts and apologised.

"That's not your normal phone," Adam whispered.

"Yeah, uh I got a new one," I made up as he returned his focus to the board. When the bell rang, I left him to go and find Ellie, who was standing around talking with her friends down the hallway. I pulled her aside and showed her his phone. She promptly freaked out and told me I had to return it to him as soon as possible.

"He does tend to have an aggressive attitude, who knows what he could do when he finds you have it!" she said, worried, but I shrugged it off. My next class was food tech, and my partner was away today, so I had to sit there by myself. It was much warmer in here than my English room, so I tried not to think about the temperature as I looked at Adam. He couldn't sit next to me; he was partnered up with one of the popular girls. Trent was also in my food tech class, as well as my PE class too. He entered looking slightly mad, taking a seat next to one of his friends down the front. We made eye contact for a brief second and I realised I still had his phone. The teacher hadn't entered yet, so I strode up to their bench and held out his phone. He looked at me before what was in my hand, a look of relief sweeping over his attractive features upon his face.

"You might want to make sure you have everything before you storm out of class next time," I informed him, returning to my bench, Adam confused as to what just happened. That was one of the rare times I'd ever talked to him and it felt… good. I caught myself gazing at him a few times as the teacher discussed what we were supposed to do before she snapped at someone.

"… GO PARTNER UP WITH CHLOE! I'M SICK OF YOU TWO ALWAYS MUCKING AROUND!" she screamed and I shook myself out of my haziness to see Trent stomping over next to me. I moved my things over as he sat down, flipping his finger at the teacher as she turned around. I turned to see Adam death staring at Trent next to me, not even seeing I was looking right around at him. I returned my view to the front to see Trent texting his friend across the room.

"You might want to put that away," I suggested as I copied down the last of the notes from the board. He stared hard at me, wondering why he should do that. I told him he should be paying attention but he just laughed.

"I'm not a little smart grade A student like you," he spat and I flinched.

"Why are you so harsh? I did return your phone to you, didn't I?"

"Yeah, sorry, I just got community service. Wouldn't you be mad if you got that for two weeks?" he asked, looking straight at me. I took a while to answer him, as I got lost in his wonderful blue eyes.

"Uhh depends where it was I guess," I finally said, hearing his phone buzz but he didn't answer it as he looked at me.

"It's at a fricking ice rink! It's cold and I don't want to do it!" Ice rink? Now, I should probably tell you that I am an ice skater, and the only ice rink around here was the one on the outskirts of the suburb. Surely he didn't mean that one?

"But what did you do to get it in the first place?"

"Broke into someone's house," he uttered, looking at the front of the room.

"Jesus!" I said and asked him why he did it.

"Bored." The teacher told us to start our practical part of the lesson, which is where Trent found the shape of the cucumber to be hilarious. He held it up and called out to his friend, who held his cucumber up and they laughed at the difference in sizes. I couldn't help but smile at their immaturity, and also because it was slightly funny. Trent noticed I was trying to hide my smile.

"You find this funny?" he said, holding it in front of me. I turned my head the other way, grinning as he laughed.

"This is pretty long yeah?" he picked up the knife.

"This is how big I am. And this-" he cut it in half, holding it up high.

"-Is this how big Adam is?" he said quieter, trying not to let Adam hear his name.

"I don't know," I said, chopping up the other half of it. He seemed to think I was lying at not knowing, but when I convinced him it was the truth for the tenth time, he didn't know how to react. Me, being a smart one and not involving myself in sex, yet unaware of how it felt, or him, having done it about a hundred times before, discovering just how amazing it was. After that lesson, I had Maths, so I sat there and did the work while Ellie badgered me for answers. I couldn't think in the heat, so I gave up on my work and told her about my food tech lesson, her eyes wide the entire time. At lunch time, we went out to the oval and sat in the stands, which were luckily shaded by a tree, watching the guys play football. Trent had taken his shirt off to play as there was a hot breeze, and I noticed a large number of girls gawking at him just like we were. He'd just pummelled another guy when Adam and a few of his mates came out of nowhere.

"Oh this can't be good," I said quickly, putting my food down and standing against the railing to see what was going on. Adam stood there, making fun of him with his friends and then he shoved Trent into the railing behind him. He went straight into the railing, several people saying 'ooh' before charging at Adam and pummelling him to the ground. There was nothing I could do without drawing attention to myself, so we just left as Trent and Adam punched at each other. At the beginning of our last class of the day, PE, Adam came limping in but Trent seemed fine. It was only when we were out on the basketball courts and I was bouncing a ball with Ellie did I see what had happened to him. He was on the other court, showing his friend from food tech the deep purple bruise now on his side. He saw the two of us staring at him and said "what?" rather hatefully. We resumed our game, not looking at him again. Adam told me he'd stood up for me, and after that been pretended like nothing had happened at lunch when we walked to the bus stop outside school, but when I told him I saw what had happened, he seemed to not care, saying that a guy like Trent deserved it.

"Why? Because he's a little different to the rest of us? Because he isn't on the football team, you think you can just push him around?"

"Whoa, I'm just doing what comes naturally in the school environment. I'll see you tomorrow," he said, kissing me roughly before stepping onto his bus. Annoyed, I walked down the path and got onto a different bus, scoring the last free completely empty two-seater on the bus. I looked out the window, my thoughts to myself as I listened to my iPod when someone sat next to me. I silently groaned as I asked him if there was nowhere else he could sit.

"Nup, this is the last free seat on the bus," he said, not looking up from his phone.

"I saw what happened at lunch," I said as the bus pulled away from the school.


"I can't believe I'm dating that jerk," I said, still looking out the window.

"Why don't you dump him then?" he asked, scratching his arm. There were grazes covering half of it, fresh ones too.

"Because if I do that, he will make me out to be some twisted creep so no one will talk to me." He laughed and I rolled my eyes, thanking him for being so understanding.

"Why are you even on the bus anyway? Where's your bike?" I asked, his bike being almost as hot as he was.

"I didn't feel like riding it today," he said as the bus pulled up outside our street. We got off and separated, him crossing the street and me staying where I was. I went inside and ate some fruit to quench my thirst before my mum drove me to the ice rink to practice. I was a professional skater, and here was where I came every day after school and on the weekends. It was so much cooler in here, and that was one plus to skating here in summer. I pushed off the wall ten minutes later, unaware that he'd entered to start his community service.

~Trent's P.O.V~
I rode my bike down to the ice rink and entered to start my service. Then I spotted Chloe, skating around like a goddess or something. I went to the skate hire section and told them what I was there for, and they got me started on re-organizing the skates on the shelves. I ended up talking to another guy there about her, and he told me she was down here almost every day, practicing. I could seriously get used to this, I thought as I gazed at her manoeuvring her way around the other people on the rink. I'd never really thought about her before, because she was such a different person to me. She was smart, popular and I considered her to be one of the people who pretended I didn't exist, despite me catching her glancing my way several times a lesson every single time we had English. And the more I caught her, the more I found her to be attractive. Like really attractive. She wasn't hot, more like cute. Actually, make that both. I should invite her to one of my band's gigs, that'd give her something to go to besides this place! However, the next day, she didn't even talk to me at all. She wasn't even around when Adam came to pick on me. It was only when we had food tech that third day did she actually run to class. Smirking to myself, I watched as she clumsily organised herself for the lesson.