A/N: This is the closest I could get the formating to the original.


You know better now.

Or at least

You like to think you do.
You won't provide them the gun
And leave a trail of ammunition.
(Sparkles like gumdrops on the trail)
Not this time.

You've done that enough.

Hell, enough times to just move on
From shooting yourself in the foot.
To moving that gun a few feet higher
And aiming for your heart

Or your mouth

It doesn't matter anymore.
Both will kill you,
Both have symbolisms
So you can't complain
About a meaningless death.
(To follow a meaningless existence)

How fitting.

But no, you won't give them
That gleaming target

A perfect example

For a knife in the back.
You'd rather they took aim
Where you could see them,
To give you time
To perfect your face.
Because, even if they know

You're tired

You don't want to show it.
Because they're like the proverbial piranhas
In converted waters:
Where you want to be
But too scared of slipping,

Too used to slipping

To ever survive.
So, you've gone hush, hushed
And haven't spoken a word -
So naturally they all think
You've got something to hide
Which you do.

But that's beside the point.

You won't slip this time
You can't afford too.
There are too many things
Dangling in the balance.

Just a snip here

And they go down, down, down.
Well, they already know the secret
The big no.
The reason for all reasoning
But they don't know the bricks.
They don't need to know the blocks
The secret is based on,
What built that wall

As high as it goes.

So you won't point out
The faults in you fixture.
Let them go looking,
Or let it be.
Because after last time,
You know better –
Better than to paint yourself
The fabulous moving target.
They already know
Which way you swing
(The gun held, still smoking)
But they don't have to know

The why
Or the how
Or the when.

They have all the ammunition they need
Without the shiny little pieces
You've cracked yourself into.

Shiny little piece

Just big enough
To load a gun.