"We're here for Miss Annabelle Murphy," declared the woman.

I blinked in confusion as the whole classroom went silent. Who was this woman? What did she want from me? Did I do something wrong?

"Miss Murphy?"

She was suddenly in front of me after the teacher gave her permission to come in.

"Come with us please."

I hesitated before standing up and following her out of the room. Two other people flanked my sides, but I took no notice, my eyes firmly fixed on the floor. We stopped outside one of those typical black cars. The woman opened one of the back doors and gestured me in. I complied and she with one of her colleagues came in and sat with me. One of the women climbed into the driver's seat and the vehicle took off. I felt my usual travel sleepiness take over me and I stifled a yawn. I slumped in my seat as my eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep.