I widened my eyes as I looked around Twilight Town in amazement. I am definitely not in Kansas anymore. Not that I was in the first place, but anyway! Xeann came behind me and I turned to look up to her. Damn, I made her a lot taller than I had originally made her. Maybe if you compare her to Saïx and Axel, that's when she looks short.

"Would you like a personal tour or should we just find you a place to stay for the night?" she offered, tilting her head to the side curiously.

I realised how tired I felt and rubbed my eye absent-mindedly.

"Skip the tour; I just want to lie down."

"Of course, this is a rather big shock to you, isn't it?"

I nodded and spotted some kids running through. I remained still as I saw Hayner, Pence and Olette who stopped in their tracks as they noticed us.

"Miss Xeann," Olette addressed with a small curtsey "and Miss Annabelle. How wonderful to see you."

"Please," I said, getting sick and tired of the formalities "Just call me Anne."

"Yeah, Olette!" said Hayner with a hand on his hip "Forget about the formalities, Miss Annabelle hates them!"

"But you just named her formally," pointed out Pence with a slight tease to his voice.

"Hey! Shut up!"

Olette just giggled and Xeann laughed, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Alright now, you three, run along," she said "Anne wants some shut eye."

"OK then!" grinned Hayner "Come on guys! Last one to the station owes us ice cream!"

They sprinted off and Xeann steered me in the opposite direction.

"Let's go," she said as we walked off "I'll show you the house you somewhat created for me and my family."

I swallowed, tilting my head to the side. I never really focused that much in creating her home…