Chance Encounter

A chance encounter was all it was
She glanced in my direction
I was frozen in my tracks
Them big brown eyes
Like none I had ever seen before
So familiar, yet so foreign
So lost, yet so warm
I knew I had to touch her
To feel her skin
As soft and tender
As peaceful wind
Them eyes piercing me
To the depths of my soul
I have to look away
Or risk losing control
My mouth becomes dry
Is she staring at me?
My glance hits the floor
Ashamed that it lingered
I close my eyes and sigh
And turn on my heels
I ponder the thought of walking away
For a couple seconds; maybe a minute
When I was startled out of my degradation
A hand with a well manicured nail
Falls upon my shoulder
Stagnant, my feet become concrete
The aroma of orchids and lilies are fresh
Don't turn around I keep telling myself
Then a mild, gentle whisper invaded my thoughts
Breaking up the torture of silence
"I don't mean to be rude, but do I know you?"
I rotate around to see who it was
The girl with the most beautiful eyes
Was standing there caught in my sight
Searching my eyes as I was lost in hers
I stutter and stammer and look away
When a series of words fall out of my mouth
Quite unbeknownst to me
"I'm sorry, but I did not mean to stare"
My face is flush from introversion
I find the courage to meet her gaze
Her hair is dusky, silken smooth
Curled into loops that frame her face
I feel faint, heart racing at sonic speed
Palms are sweating; breathing has stalled
"It is fine, I don't mind, your eyes seem so kind"
Pulse returns to normal, my hue starts to change
I get the confidence to allow myself joy again
Her mouth upturns into the most wondrous smile
"Would you care to accompany me down the street awhile?"
Whatever she was looking for I think she has found
We now walk together on what seemed like clouds.