An Ode to Heartbreak

Say no to mysterious beauty,
To majestic eyes and whispered promises
That fill the dark nights with something like hope
Because love can both make and break a man
Can destroy a woman's beauty and steal a man's hope.
This is my Ode, my tribute,
To the darker side of love.

In the fragments of the past,
A constant is you, you, you
And I try to remember the elation in your kiss
But heartbreak cries within me
And seeing your face just hurts too much.
So, I give you, my Ode, my tribute,
To painful heartbreaks and painful memories.

The tears have been and have faded
Into an unbearable, gaping hole
Where a heart used to reside.
The heart that was pulled from within
And crushed before my unseeing eyes.
I write you my Ode, my tribute,
To teenage ignorance and foolish mistakes.

Deep inside, maybe I long for you
And maybe I try to force myself into
Remembering things that should be forgotten
But that's only so I don't lose myself
In the tide of numbness and hysteria.
Therefore, I dedicate my Ode, my tribute,
To bipolar emotions and masochistic reasons.

Perhaps, in time, feeling will return
And one day I'll see you and smile
With the belief that everything will be okay.
But 'perhaps' is too uncertain
For me to really believe.
So, instead, I'll devote my Ode, my tribute,
To hopelessness and uncertainty.

I still have my words,
To express, to explain
But I know that words will never be enough
To express the pain
To explain the sheer hopelessness.
So I'll just tell you that my Ode, my tribute,
Is a sarcastic thank you to heartbreak and broken love.
After all, it's the truth.